Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/07/14 - Remicade Dose #2

The infusion is taking place as I type!

Blake is receiving Dose #2 on this, his second, round of Remicade.

We were really stretching our hope in receiving the dose on Monday. As it turned out, they indicated the infusion would be Tuesday. However, Pharmacist Alastair informed us that they had switched suppliers, so it would be arriving a day later. (Grrr! Oh well!!!)

So Wednesday arrives and so does the drug! Wahoooo! At approximately 1:30pm today, Nurse Susan started administering the Miracle Medicine through the I.V.

No bad affects.

No allergic reactions.

Just a glorious feeling for Blake watching that drip... drip... drip... down the tube and into his arm.

Dr. Lowe came in, with Resident Dr. Wijeratne, and she said if Blake is feeling really well tomorrow or the next day, then he could possibly be released. She said if he is not feeling well once we get home, we are to hightail it back to hospital.

Another dose will take place in four weeks, assuming that our "good ol' government" comes through with the paperwork end of things.

I'm thrilled that the hospital has admitted him for this dose. I remember my mother-in-law making the comment years ago that "one way or another, you get the meds you need". I sure didn't feel that way last Fall. But I sure was thankful for our family and friends and community who pitched in to help out in a time of need.

And this time, I think the good doctors realize that this is a med that Blake cannot live without; so they've been very good in ensuring it gets into his system.

The other day was the first time we had met Dr. Lowe. She seems like a very pleasant lady. I'm so thankful for a great team of Gastroenterologists.

And we've had some pretty great times in this room, here on Connell 10. We are, as I mentioned in Monday's post, in a room with three other gentlemen. Their names are Gary, Ron, and Ray.

Gary was moved to a more private room yesterday. I believe his time here is limited. His family was called in and was spending time with him, so I'm glad they were able to find a more comfortable private room for him.

Ron got his wallet back from the safe, so he's been a little bit more settled in that regard. He walked to the bathroom and back to his bed the other day, and he is absolutely thrilled with that accomplishment. He says to me, "I had a bit of a victory this morning.... I walked to the bathroom and then back to my bed! It doesn't sound like a big deal to anyone else, but it was a great accomplishment for me!" His eyes welled up with tears as he told me. He apologized for getting emotional, and I told him that what he'd done was amazing and that he should be proud of that victory!

Sometimes he gets so frustrated and yells at the nurses. Five minutes later he can be heard saying, "Nurse? I need to speak to [so-and-so].... I just yelled at her and I shouldn't have and I feel just terrible about it. I shouldn't have done that." Then he will repeat that statement to every nurse that walks through the door. Bless his heart. He keeps saying, "All I do in here is eat! I just get finished breakfast and they bring lunch! Then they bring supper!" hahaha. The man sure does have a good appetite. He thinks he's going home soon and will be living on his own..... I don't think he's really in a position to live on his own now; however, the social worker is just currently talking with him and it sounds as though he just might be! If that's the case, I'll bet it won't be long and he'll unfortunately be right back in here.

Ray, the retired priest, is just a sweetheart as well. We have a fun time joking with him. Who'd have thought that Catholics and Protestants could get along! hahaha. Just kidding. Ray has had quite a number of visitors. He's had siblings and nephews and a priest and friends and other family members. His sister Isabelle has been in daily, and last night she invited me to come to her home this morning for a shower. She picked me up at 9:30 and we spent the morning at her house. She's delightful. She and Ray and their siblings are East Coast folks from Cape Breton originally.

On our way back to the hospital from Isabelle's apartment, my cell phone rang. It was Blake. He and Ray were not happy with their hospital lunch, which was a Shepherd's Pie, so they were wanting Isabelle and me to pick them up a hamburger and a chicken burger.

I think there's a couple of fellows in here that are getting quite spoiled. hahaha

So last night, after Gary had been moved to another room, in came Irwin. He's an older German fellow, and he sounds like a real card as well. He likes to laugh. He's got some major problems with one of his feet, and it sounds like some surgery is on the "to do" list for him. I like to just listen to him talk... I like his accent. I haven't chatted with him much since he's been in, but just give me some time.... I'll get to know him and might even come home with some German words under my belt! haha

I'm glad we stayed in this room. We hear bed alarms all night and rarely is it completely quiet in here, but I've enjoyed staying with these fellows.

It was quite hectic in here a few minutes ago.

Irwin's doctor was in here talking to him behind his curtain and he was talking quite loudly and Nurse Susan seemed to be running from bed to bed. While emptying Ray's catheter bag, you can hear Ray saying, "Susan! Al's going to find someone to take me for a walk". She replies, "Oh, OK, that's good." On her way to empty the bag, Blake says, "Susan! I'm needing something for pain." She replies, "Oh, OK, I'll get you something." On her way past Ron's bed, we hear "Susan! Can you get this light for me?" Susan replies, "OK, just let me empty this!" So I shouted out, "OH SUSAN! Could I get a back rub?" hahaha. We all started laughing. Poor girl. Getting pulled in every direction. I sure hope this is her only room today, because she seems to have a full-time position in this room alone! She says that's what normally happens in a ward room, the questions just richochet from one bed to the next.

Well, I'd better close this post.... I see Ray starting to creep out of his bed, and his alarm will go off any minute. This post has taken me forever to write with all the action going on in this room.

And Blake wants me to run and get him an ice cream treat. Man, he's spoiled in here. Enjoy it, Blake; it won't be happening once we get outta here! :o)

And as I sign off.... Ray is just leaving for his long anticipated walk down the hall, and Blake's I.V. machine is beeping, meaning his infusion is complete!

Can I hear a Hallelujah????


Anonymous said...

What a small world we live in, Isabelle is a saint of a woman from my Moms church in Kingston. You could not have picked a nicer person to be with. I read your Blog to check in on Blake ever since Wannett told me about him. God Bless you and your family

Pat Denham Bartlett

Michelle Found said...

Thanks, Pat, for telling me that! I have Isabelle's address & phone number and hope to keep in touch with her.
I love that it's a small world. We're all connected somehow! (Even the Catholics and Protestants! hahahha)
Thanks for "dropping by" the blog!