Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/07/15 - HOME!!!

Who knew that just coming home from the hospital could be so exhausting! And "I" am not even the PATIENT!!!!

I am sooo looking forward to a whole night of lying completely FLAT in my bed!!!! Four nights of sleeping (using that term very lightly!) in a geriatric chair will MAKE me a geriatric quicker than I want to be!

I am thankful that my boy got his Remicade dose and that the healing process can continue. He's having some discomfort and a bit of nausea (that may or may not have developed from his Aunt Dani's crazy driving..... haha); but there are no stabbing pains!

I AM SAD!!!!!
I am sad because I miss our roomies. I miss Ray and that darling grin of his! I miss seeing how excited he was when someone came to take him for a simple walk down the hall. I miss seeing him look over at Blake and me on his way out the door and do a little "hop-skip-and-a-jump" (and the terror look on the physio therapist's face that he was gonna fall! hahahahahaaa!). I miss his extremely kind family who were so warm and kind to us.

I miss Ron and listening to him cuss away at the loud 3am screeching of the bed alarm and hearing him yell, "WHY CAN'T THAT GUY JUST LAY STILL SO WE CAN GET SOME SLEEP!!!!????".... only to discover it was his OWN bed alarm that had just gone off! I miss hearing him apologize over and over to the nurses for yelling at them and for being so impatient with them. I miss watching him wipe the tears from his eyes when he told the story over and over again to whoever would listen that he "had a small victory today!" because he had walked back from the bathroom all by himself. And sad that he returns to his home on Friday... an empty home... no family there with him........ and I'm worried because, in my own personal opinion, I know he is not physically ready to be released.

And I miss Erwin, who was only with us a couple of days, but had the best hearty laugh you've ever heard. His German accent was a pleasure to listen to, and I wish I'd been there longer for him to teach me some of the German language! He, as well, had a caring family by his side.

I'm hopeful that our Ontario Government will take one look at Blake's file and say, "Hey, by cracky! This boy MUST be on Remicade immediately and indefinitely and we are gonna make sure every penny is completely covered!" What a blessing THAT would be!

I'm grateful to those Doctors and Nurses and the whole hospital staff, from desk clerks to porters to cafeteria staff to cleaners..... the whole "kit and kaboodle".... grateful that they take such good care of my little boy my baby bird my first born my grown son....... (but truly, ALWAYS "one of my babies".... no matter HOW old he gets. Shhhhh... don't tell him I said that!)

I am so blessed because God has our lives all planned out already. And we will be richer in this life if we stop trying to do things our own way and just simply follow the plan He has for us..... until one day when we all will be able to say that we're "HOME!!!".

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