Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday, Kristen!

Happy 18th Birthday, Kristen!

Today, June 2nd, would've been Kristen's 18th birthday. Today she officially would have been considered an adult. (Although, let me tell you, that little girl acted more mature at seven years old than many adults!!!)

I'm thinking that today, Jesus has planned a big birthday party for her at the Cherubim & Seraphim Community Centre. She and Rachel are decked out in their prettiest flowery dresses; and the tables, where the finest feasts have been prepared, are adorned with beautiful bouquets of huge roses and wildflowers. The girls have BIG smiles on their faces. I rarely ever saw Kristen NOT smiling!

Eighteen years old seems, on one hand, to be such a short amount of time (especially when you're MY age!). Yet, on the other hand, it can feel like such a long time.... especially if you're a kid just wanting to "grow up". (Kids: Stop trying to grow up fast! Trust me.... it goes way too quickly!)

But just think about this: When we get to Heaven, we will not even think about time..... there will be no such thing. The only measure of time will be ETERNITY. And I don't believe that we, as humans, can fully comprehend eternity because everything as we know it comes to an end sooner or later. In Heaven, 'time' will just go on.... and on..... and on..... and on..... and on..... forever ...... and ever..... for an eternity!

But for today, there is one major party happenin' in Heaven because one little big girl is very special indeed.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie-pie.


Ann-Marie said...

ooooh you're makin me cry again.

Although I never met you..I hope to see you someday in Heaven

VictoriaD said...

Happy Birthday Kristen <3