Sunday, June 7, 2009

OK, So I Played Hookey Today......

Yah, that's right.... I played hookey today.... not hockey, but hookey. I cheated and didn't go to church this morning.

Jon suggested we all go to breakfast this morning at the restaurant in Cherry Valley. Our friend, Tommy, owns it and he has a good breakfast deal. Well, apparently everyone else thinks the same because every table was full.

So off to the next closest restaurant, Michael's. Well, the parking lot looked quite full, so on to the next favourite breakfast spot, Mike's. Well, the parking lot was full, but it's a small parking lot. So we parked across the road and got into the restaurant..... every table was full.


Look folks, I just want some bacon and eggs with homefries, OK???? This is the third cotton-pickin' restaurant in a matter of 12 minutes!

Well, there was a group leaving their table, so we lucked out. Sat next to some local friends and had a nice visit.

One of the unfortunate things we discussed was the death of a local County fellow, Wayne. He died yesterday and actually lives a stone-throw from our place here in the south end. (That's TWO fatalities of neighbours and friends in the last month. Our friend, Jeff, was run over by a neighbour in his pickup.... stop the tragedies already!)

This fellow that died yesterday, Wayne, was on a hunting trip with friends in the Bancroft area, and the story that we heard was that his brakes failed on his four-wheeler and he went down an embankment with the four-wheeler landing on top of him, severing his leg. Friends could not stop the severe bleeding before help could arrive, and he ultimately passed away. He had just sold his farm and was planning on working for my brother-in-law's family business, which includes working on the big pea harvesters this coming week. I'm guessing Wayne was probably in his 50's?

It's sad how our lives can change in the blink of an eye. We have it all planned out, but the Lord has the plans for our lives. We should never take our lives for granted.... but we kinda do, don't we?

The brakes have not been working properly on our own four-wheeler for quite some time, so I won't let the boys use it, except to chase ol' Duke out of the woods and off the back road when he decides to leave the property. So, this accident with Wayne, I'm HOPING, will be an eye-opener to my kids as to how easy it can happen, whether you're an experienced man who's been around vehicles and machinery for five decades or whether you're a teenager. They get so angry with me when I won't let them take the four-wheeler here or there. "I'll be FINE, Mom!" is what I hear. [I HATE those words!]

Accidents happen.

And THAT's why, boys, when you leave the house, I always say, "Be careful!". I'm a MOM, and THAT'S MY JOB.... to remind you to be careful. I know it seems redundant, but, well, at least I've reminded you. So.... humour me!

So folks, if you have a moment, could you pray for these two late gentlemen's wives and grown children? Jeff's wife is still adjusting, I'm sure, to being a widow; and Wayne's wife and children and extended family are making funeral arrangements today, I'm sure.

Father, please help these families to lean on You for comfort and strength. Help them bear this pain of tragedy. Protect our own families, Lord, from accidents and sickness. Help us to appreciate each day, each moment, and to trust You with how our lives unfold according to Your perfect plan. Amen.

Well, I should get to some light tidying up today. I need to sweep some dog hair and throw in a load of laundry. Jon and Jake are getting Jake's 'new' truck ready for a safety; Blake went to church this morning, and just returned home; Jared has two friends over, Matt & Chris, and I will be driving them to soccer practice for 3 o'clock. It's nice to have a quiet day! (Doesn't sound quiet to you, maybe; but trust me, this is a quiet day!)

Just before I sign off, can I make a suggestion to you? Go hug your spouse and your kids, or your parents..... we don't know what the rest of today or tomorrow holds. Only the Lord knows.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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VictoriaD said...

How sad for the family. I came into work yesterday to hear about it. His wife is one of our housekeepers and everyone here was in shock. I will be praying for the entire family.