Monday, June 15, 2009

A Full House.... Of Boys

You already know that the only females in the house are myself and Katarina (our kitty-cat). So it's usually a house full of boys anyways: Jon, Blake, Jake, Jared, and Mick & Duke (our doggies).

But lately there's been a few more 'boys' hanging around here. You know from previous posts that Justin (one of my "adopted" boys) lived with us for part of March and April. (Hey Justin..... we still miss you! How's life at "the cottage"? Catch any fish? Call us and come over for supper!)

Well, now Mikey is staying with us. He's an old friend of Jon's. He's "Mikey-the-nice-guy". That's my nickname for him. He's a fellow truckdriver, and in all the years I've known him, he was always very respectful and polite when we chatted on the phone or if I happened to run into him for a quick visit over the past two decades. I said to Jon years ago, "Mikey isn't like all your other buddies.... he's very cordial and is very respectful and courteous and doesn't have a 'potty' mouth". Jon laughed and said, "Oh, he's got YOU fooled!".

Well.....Mikey is living with us for a short time, likely most of the summer. He lives about a four/five-hour drive north of our home, and he's coming down here to work on the construction site with Jon through the week and travelling home on the weekends. (I've been working at the construction site with Jon & Mikey today and last week, so I'm not really acting all girlie-girlie lately!)

Mikey's a very funny fellow and is a good friend to Jon. I've come to realize that Mikey is just as crazy and "potty-mouthed" as the rest of Jon's friends, but he's still a pretty cool guy so he gets to keep the name "Mikey-the-nice-guy".

And by the way..... I might refer to Jon's friends as crazy, but I'll tell you that they are a GREAT bunch of guys, and if I ever needed ANYTHING, I know that they'd be here in a minute to help me! If you ever get stuck on the side of the road and need help, you can feel pretty safe when a truckdriver stops to help you. They're really great guys and really form a family relationship with each other out there on the road.

Anyways, I'm off track.

So Mikey has moved in. And tonight, Blake has a few of his friends over..... his GUY friends. Blake has many female friends as well, but tonight is a "guy" night.

We have Billy (one of my "adopted" sons), and Travis, and Jordan, and Pat; and there are a few more that could show up at any time (Jack, Zach, Curtis..... and who knows who else!)

They have been playing poker at the kitchen table (but not before Billy and I taught Blake and Jared how to play euchre.... I LOVE that game!). And they have just moved to the back deck to play cards outside. It sounds so good to hear them laughing and joking and being silly. They haven't got to the belching and flatulating yet..... do they still do that when they're 19-ish? Oh goodness, what am I thinking? Of COURSE they do.... it goes right on into manhood. It just never stops!!!

So even though I GREATLY appreciate my time with my sisters and my Mom and my nieces and my girlfriends, I must say that there is just something about hanging out with the guys.

Someday Jon will return to his trucking career and hang out with his buddies on the road, and someday my boys will be grown and gone and won't need their momma every day. THAT will be the time that I can focus on "hangin' with the girls".

Until then, I am going to try and appreciate every moment with all these fellows that hang out here..... and that includes the times that I have to pick up dirty underwear and wet bath towels off the floor and remind them to say "excuse me" after they belch or flatulate!

(OK, Lord, I just typed that I will appreciate the underwear and wet towels.... Help me not to get angry the next time I find them on the floor, okie dokie????)

So, if I were playing poker with them tonight, I can guarantee my poker hand would be "a full house"..... of boys. And you know what?

I LOVE it.

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Janna said...

Michelle, if you stop getting your period, your voice goes really deep and you stop crying at weddings IT'S GONE TOO FAR!!!!
Otherwise, I'm with you - enjoy it and love it! I am really glad I had so many brothers - there are so many aspects of life I appreciate that I would not have understood such as sports, toughing it up with injuries, and enjoying shows like "24", "Star Trek" and some other typical "guy shows"...