Sunday, June 7, 2009

'Round 'n 'Round The Roundabout

Today, Jared has two of his best friends over at our place.... Matthew & Christopher. Y'all know that Matt's one of my "adopted" sons, and well, Chris is like an "adopted" son too. This is a picture of them from last Fall.

l-r - Jared, Christopher, Matthew

These boys are absolutely hilarious when they get together. Today, we were on our way to town for a soccer practice. The boys are all on the same team.

On our way to the practice, they noticed their teacher's car at the school, so they started yelling, "PULL IN! PULL IN!" So..... like a good mother, I pulled in the school driveway but not before coaching them to stick their heads out the sunroof and out the windows.

(What a good example I am!)

We could see their teacher through the window and we sat there waving and honking the car horn, but he was off in la-la-land listening to music and couldn't hear the honking. Finally he glanced up and noticed us. We chatted for a few minutes then raced to the practice, which we were ten minutes late for! (Sorry, Coach)

(Again, what a good example I am!)

After the practice we headed to the No Frills grocery store so I could grab some burgers for supper. The boys had mentioned that while I was in the store, they might lie down on the parking lot pavement to see what people would think, (oh brother!) so I parked at the farrrrrrrrrr end of the lot where they wouldn't get run over!

I came back after getting the groceries to find Matt and Jared in the trunk of my car!

Yes, they're crazy.

Then they were excited to go on the new roundabout.

"Can we go around two times, Mom?????"

Oh well, it's cheaper than a trip to Canada's Wonderland or the Picton Fair!

This is NOT The County's new roundabout, but it's very similar.... except I think this photo must be from England perhaps. (Hey buddy, you're in The County.... you're goin' the wrong way!)

So we went 'round 'n 'round the roundabout a couple of times while they hung their heads out the window shouting "weeeeeee.... weeeeeeeeee..... weeeeeeee....".

Morons. a-hem Silly children.

Then they were sticking their heads out the car windows like dogs whilst the radio was cranked to The Cars singing "Let The Good Times Roll". How appropriate for that particular song to be playing while their heads were hanging out the window and getting bugs on their teeth acting so funny.

So as we approached the last three kilometres from home, the kids started wondering if their teacher was still at the school (now two hours from when we first annoyed the poor man).

We check.

Yes, he's there.


This time he's seated, facing the window, so he sees the crazy people approaching. We chatted again for a few minutes through the little window that the teacher seemed to have trouble opening (simply pull the window UP, Sir!), then we headed for the hills for home.

Now they're downstairs playing X-Box, laughing away. It is SUCH a nice sound to hear.

These young fellas have made me laugh like crazy today. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to them.

I told their teacher, "They're keeping me young!".

Either that, or I'm slowly going insane!

Take your pick. :O)

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Janna said...

Michelle, I think it is absolutely fantastic that your boys like to hang out with you and have fun with you. You're neither "too cool/detached and uncaring" nor are you trying to be their "buddy" and allowing them to do really dangerous, stupid things that could hurt them. I've seen parents on both ends of the spectrum and neither seems good for their kids. I hope I can walk that line when our kids reach their teen years. So often teens don't want to be seen with their parents because they don't get along or their parents are really immature and the kids have no respect for them.
You absolutely rock! My hat's off to you!