Saturday, May 9, 2009

Care For A Snack?

Would you care for a snack?

Which treat would you like? The one on the right? Or the one on the left?

Now, be careful. Chances are that you might not care for one of the above treats.

Look closely.

They're about the same size; one is a little lighter in colour; one has a mixture of dark and light treats; one looks like it has salt on it.

Can you tell what kind of treats these are?

Well, my husband Jon could tell you the difference. One is appetizing; one is not.

One evening a few weeks ago around supper time, he headed out to the deck to start the BBQ. He had grabbed a handful of nuts from the counter. When he got on the deck, he started spitting and sputtering..... he spat the contents from his mouth into his hand, then tossed the contents over the deck railing, continuing to spit out whatever 'morsels' were left in his mouth.

Then I heard WHY he was spitting out the peanuts..... he had accidentally scooped a handful of what he thought were peanuts when in actuality, he had scooped a handful of Katarina's food.....Katarina is our cat! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I had a small dish of peanuts (the bowl on the left in the photo) sitting on the countertop to the LEFT of our kitchen sink. Katarina's bowl of cat food (the bowl on the right in the photo) was sitting on the countertop to the RIGHT of our kitchen sink. It sits up there so Mick & Duke, our doggies, don't eat up all her food.

The peanuts had been wolfed down by Jon, and as he was telling me a story about something and concentrating on going out to start the BBQ, he absent-mindedly scooped what he thought were peanuts, but in actuality, it was Katarina's Whiskas.

I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time. Blake's poor fiddle student.... it was this little girl's very first lesson, and I'm sure she thought I was a serious mental case. Blake kindly told her to simply ignore me.

Well, I ran to get the camera. "Oh, this is DEFINITELY a blog moment!" I only wish I'd had the camera handy for you to see the look on Jon's face when he realized what he had eaten. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

It was one of those priceless moments.

I just came across the picture and thought I'd share it with you.

And now I'm off to beddy-bye. Blake and I just returned from playing fiddle and piano at a local square dance. It was fun, as usual. We even got to dance this time. How sweet that Blake danced with his momma. (RATS! I should've got someone to take our picture! Tsk-tsk!)

So, off to bed I go..... and I can guarantee there'll be no pre-bedtime Whiska treats for me! hahahahhaa.

Oh Jonny, you sure do know how to make me laugh!....... Hey Jon, did you just meeeeow at me??????



kkaci said...

I am seriously laughing out loud here ... SOOOO funny. Poor Jon! Hahahahaha!

Janna said...

Oh gosh, that was great! Thanks, MIchelle (and thanks, Jon!)