Monday, May 11, 2009

Funny Hockey Commercial (well... funny to ME!)

While watching an NHL hockey game one night last week, they had a commercial that just tickled my funny bone.

Now, I don't know if you'll get a chuckle out of it or not; but I laughed pretty hard. Maybe it was my warped mood at the time, I don't know..... but I must say that I had a hard time finding this particular commercial on the internet until today! So, it must be a very new advertisement.

The commercial is centered around hockey, but it's actually a commercial for Lakeport beer. And since that's Justin's favourite brand, I'll dedicate this post to him.

What makes it even MORE funny to me is that the kids & Jon saw this commercial during another hockey game on another night and Jon thought it was a REAL GAME! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

He did not realize that it was one of those little hockey games with the rods that you push and pull and twist and turn to maneuvre your little hockey men around the board. I mean, goodness-gracious, the commentators are carrying on like it's a real game for cryin' out loud. Well THAT's what makes the gosh-darn commercial so hilarious!...... well..... hilarious to ME anyways.

Yes, I know.... I need serious help.

We've all got our own little idiosyncrasies. Mine, apparently, is silly ol' hockey commercials. hahahaha

So.... that's it. Just wanted to share that chuckle with ya.

I really hope SOMEBODY out there shares my questionable humour. :O)

If not, well..... I'll STILL laugh at that commercial.

And, NO, to those of you who are wondering, I was NOT drinking beer while watching the commercial! (I don't drink beer.) I was stone sober and thinking quite clearly, thank you very much! Well...... jury's still out on the 'thinking clearly'!

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Janna said...

I love it and I'm laughing! That is awesome!!