Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Survivor Survivor

If you have not watched the finale of Survivor and you do not want me to ruin your surprise, then DO NOT read this post!

Waaaa-hoooooooooo! My pick won!


I was getting a little nervous this week because I hadn't seen the finale for Survivor Tocantins, and I was afraid that someone would spill the beans on who the Survivor survivor was! Thank you, friends, for not discussing it on Google Chat this week.

Even the little bit of television I watched this week, I was afraid they'd mention the winner. But, nay-nay, it remained hush-hush.

The boys and I had a fiddle performance last Sunday night and we missed the finale. Fortunately, my sister Wannett had recorded it, and we went over to her home tonight to watch it.

I am SO happy J.T. won the million buckeroos. And I'm happy that he took Stephen with him to the end. I was 99% sure that he would be a man of his word and take Stephen with him. I can tell that J.T. has a good momma who brought him up right.

And I was happy that J.T. won the bonus $100,000 as well. Way to go, man. It cost you a tooth, but now you can have all gold teeth, if you want. hahahahhaa

I was disappointed that he didn't take Taj to the end as well....he kind of fibbed about that, I guess; but, like Taj said, it is a game with a lot of money at stake.

But just let me tell you that I, personally, could never do a game like that. I'm too honest for one thing. And I'm such a girlie-girl....I could NEVER survive with those spiders and creatures out honkin' way. And go to Exile Island by myself? Not a chance, sweetie. It's only been the last two to three years that I'd even venture to Toronto by myself, and that's not even right "downtown".... more like Don Valley Parkway to Gardiner's Expressway to Fraser Avenue. That's about it for me! Nope, couldn't do no Exile Island stuff.

So, way to go J.T.

And I think he should keep that beard that he developed for 39 days..... me likey that scruffy look.


What I could do with a million dollars............

Oh well.....I'll keep dreamin' because there's no way I'm applying for a spot in Survivor.

Some days it's all I can do to survive it HERE! hahahhaa

So I guess you could say, I AM a Survivor!

But aren't we all? :O)

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