Friday, May 1, 2009

New Friends & Old Friends.... uhhhh, I mean "Older"

In my lifetime, of a whole 42 years, I have met a lot of people.... A LOT of people.

I have met folks through my Dad's mechanic business, way back since I was a baby. (My Dad is so well known in this area, there are people that know who HE is, and he doesn't have a clue who THEY are!)

I have met people through my church, which I started attending at the age of eight.

I have met people through my elementary and highschool days.

I have met hundreds of people through my employment at a fast food joint and also at an insurance company where I worked.

I have met folks through my husband's businesses, which were RVs and also the trucking industry.

I have met people via email (Hey Tammie!).

I have met folks in the music business because of my love for singing as well as my children's fiddle group, Fiddlers Found.

I have met people that I didn't even realize I was related to! I come from a very large family! I'm probably related to half the people in this County! (Well not HALF, but close to it).

I have appreciated meeting all these people and getting to know many of them. I always appreciate meeting new folks, and I want to introduce you to two super-duper fellows. These are some "New Friends" of ours: Brandon and Sebastien.

Brandon & Sebastien

These two guys worked a bit with Jon on a jobsite about a three-hours drive north-east of our home. They met last Fall, and now the boys are down here working near our home. They've been over for supper a few times and are really nice kids.

Hahaha....I keep apologizing to them for calling them kids..... they're in their early twenties, so they're not really kids, but young men! However, since I'm almost double their age and they're young enough to be my children, then I consider them 'kids'.

One of them is the quieter of the two..... the other one picks up the slack and is quite the comedian. Can you guess which one is which, based on this photo?

They're nice boys, and I'm looking forward to them stopping by the house more often. Maybe I'll find some nice sweet Coun'y girls for them.......

Now, this next photo is a mixture of "new" friend and "old" friend.....

Ahem....... or should I say "older" friend........

Justin, Keith, & Jon

Pictured above on the left is, of course, our dear "new" friend Justin. Justin has been Jon's friend now for almost a year. They've worked together since late Spring/early Summer of last year (and "I" was fortunate enough to work with Justin, Brandon & Sebastien for a week this past January!.... funny guys). I've written a lot of posts about Justin, so I'll let him off the hook today..... but I'm happy to call him our friend. He's a good kid.

I miss him....or have I mentioned that before???

The gentleman in the middle is an "Old Friend" of Jon's. I guess I should be saying "older", but Keith just celebrated his 60th Birthday. Sixty isn't "old", but Jon has known Keith way longer than he's known me, so that's why I think of Keith as an "old" friend! Jon was probably about ten years old when he met Keith, and Jon worked with him as a youngster.

On some of the jobs that they did, when Jon was a little boy, there would be small pipes or duct-work or tiny crawl spaces that would need to be climbed into to do the job. Keith would put Jon in these spaces to do the work but would always tie a rope to Jon's ankle so that he wouldn't lose him and would be able to pull him out. hahahhaa. Wish I had some pictures of THAT!

Jon has always held Keith in high regard and has always appreciated his friendship. Keith is one fellow that can make you laugh. But he's also a fellow that you do NOT want to mess with. I like friends like that. [big grin]

Sometimes it takes us literally decades to find out who our friends are. We have lots of acquaintances and folks we "call" friends.... but to truly have someone special in your life that is there through thick and thin, well, that's rare. Everyone should have at least one person that is their very truest friend, one that you can share anything with and know you won't be judged or intimidated by or lied to or used.

I appreciate my friends, the "old" AND the "new". I am thankful for the times that I've been able to sit around my kitchen table, or wherever, and laugh with these friends. Laughter has done my soul some good, especially lately. God knows who to put in your life at just the right time.

Justin, Keith, Brandon, and Sebastien: Thanks. You've done my soul some good.

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