Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Great Is Our God - Putting Things In Perspective

UPDATE #2 - May 28th

OK, folks..... I posted five videos from YouTube and they were all inaccessible from my blog due to copyright laws. I can't access them now, even if I go directly to YouTube; so I've come across them, via Tangle, and I'm gonna give 'er a whirl and see if it works. You will SO be amazed at what you see and hear, so take the time to watch them.

Also, if you move to the next video and have trouble watching it, simply Refresh your page. Worked for ME, anyways. Oh man, it's SO worth it if you can get it to work!

Sometimes it's hard to put things in perspective.

Sometimes it's hard for me to put God in perspective. I mean, I know He's my King, my Lord; I know He created me, and He created the Earth, and He created the whole world; I know He made light and trees and water and animals and birds and fish; I know He's preparing a mansion for me in Heaven on a little ol' cul-de-sac where I'll be neighbours with Taimi & Tammie (morning coffee time!); I know He holds the universe in the palm of His hand........

But do I reeeeeeeealllyyyyy knoooooooooooow this? Can I reeeeeeeeally comprehend it all?

I sort o' thought I did, until I watched these videos. Made the word "perspective" a little more clearer to me.

You will see in the videos how this golf ball photo ties in.

My Oxford Dictionary (which my friends Bob & Donnie refer to as "Oxford: the cathedral of the language") gives definitions of perspective, but here's a few that jumped out at me. (Trust me, this will help you to truly comprehend these videos.)


- apparent relation between visible objects as to position, distance, etc.

- mental view of the relative importance of things

- view, esp. stretching into the distance

In Perspective

- drawn or viewed according (or not according) to the rules of perspective

- correctly (or incorrectly) regarded in terms of relative importance

So, putting things in perspective became much more real to me after watching these videos. I hope I haven't crammed too many "megabytes" into one post to mess up either your or my computer. (I don't know what megabytes are....I just know it's a computer term)

I know these videos are somewhat lengthy; but TRUST ME, they're amazing. You will remember a portion of one of these videos in a previous post (Laminin).

Sit back and enjoy as you listen to Louie Giglio show you, and help you put into perspective, How Great Is Our God!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Makes me wish I'd paid more attention in Science class!

God, You truly ARE Great.

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