Sunday, May 17, 2009

Non-Stop Day

Today has been one of those days where we have just moved from one function to another.

May 17th began in utter darkness. The power went out. Apparently the power was out all over Prince Edward County. Jake's co-worker said he was on the Glenora Ferry when the power went out, and they stopped the Ferry in the middle of the Bay of Quinte. I don't know how long they sat there for, but the way the winds were blowing last night, I surely am thankful I was tucked nice and cosey in my own bed and not out on the ocean waves Lake Ontario!

Glenora Ferry

Fortunately, the power came back on through the night and the alarm clocks rang at the right times so Jake could get to his 5am barn chores on time. I must ask him if the power outage caused a problem with the barn's computer milking system!

So the first thing this morning, we headed to church. But not our own. This morning we were not Free Methodists, but Presbyterian! We played our fiddles at their Kirkin O' The Tartan ceremony. It's always a pleasure to visit other churches. I SO appreciated the older hymns that they sang. There was one I was not familiar with, but I hope to find the music for it and learn it. It was called "O God of Bethel, By Whose Hand". Very pretty melody and very powerful words.

We were invited to stay there for a luncheon, but had to press on towards home because Blake had been asked to be a judge at a fiddle contest down in Cherry Valley. An organization was hosting a fun day to raise money for Cancer's Relay For Life and had decided to hold a fiddle contest. I never have entered the boys in fiddle contests. I always told them they didn't have to prove anything to ME because I already KNOW they're the best! hahahha. But when Brenda, one of the co-ordinators, told me that first prize in each category was 200 bucks, my jaw dropped and I so badly wanted to phone Jake and Jared at home and say "Y'all grab yer fiddles 'n git yer buns down here!"

But, nay-nay, can't do that when your brother is judging. (Although, I COULD have changed their names......) JUST KIDDING.

The entrants did very well and all of them walked away with cash or a participation prize. I congratulated each one afterwards and told them: DON'T EVER STOP PLAYING!

After the judging, we came back home to pack up the sound equipment and fiddles in the car. We are playing tonight at a local farm's annual fish fry. It's held in their sap shanty, and I hear from the farmer's son-in-law that we'll be packing about 114 people in the sap shanty tonight. Makes for a nice cosey supper! Here's Farmer Brown Mr. Foster from Fosterholm Farms himself!

Jon used to work for "Mr. Clifford" when Jon was a young lad through his teens years. And of course, my Dad did mechanical work for Mr. Clifford and his father years ago....everything from tractors to tomato harvesters. Mr. Clifford always kept our family supplied with every vegetable under the sun! We had potatoes and onions and peppers and squash and tomatoes and also hampers of apples. I remember, as a little girl, walking into our cellar amazed at all the crops that Mr. Foster had brought over! We never starved!

So, Blake and Jared and I headed to the sap shanty to set up the sound system while Jake headed to visit his "girls" (cows!) for the next milking. We returned home a while ago and I decided to write a post. I am now being beckoned by Jon who is unusually extremely anxious to get going to the fish fry, so that brings an end to this post.

I will tell you that there will be NO shortage of food at this function tonight, and I can assure you that I will be too full and too tired to post. So, know ahead of time that I will be thoroughly enjoying myself tonight whilst filling my face with food and accompanying my sons as we "rosin up the bow" ..... a wonderful ending to a Non-Stop Day.

And how was YOUR day???

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