Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shreddies: Diamonds or Squares?

I'm sure y'all have seen the commercial about the cereal Shreddies and how the little squares have been "changed" to diamond shape.

I picked up some Shreddies at the grocery store today. While in the kitchen, Jared was helping me put the groceries away and here's how our very serious conversation went:

Jared: "Oh Mom, did you buy Diamond Shreddies or Square Shreddies?"
Michelle: "Well, I actually bought the Diamond Shreddies this time, just for YOU."
Jared: "Oh good!"
Michelle: "But the NEXT box I buy, I will get the square ones because THOSE are the ones that I grew up with."
Jared: [chuckle] "OK"

Meanwhile, Blake is in the office sitting at the computer and hollers out to us, "Uhhhh, there's no difference between the Diamond Shreddies and the Square Shreddies!!!!"


Jared and I broke into laughter.

Duhhhhhhh, OK Blake, thanks for the in-for-ma-tion!!!! Duhhhhhhhhh

Honestly, I really think the boy needs to get out more often!

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Janna said...

Square, diamond - they could even make them circles and I would LOVE them. I had Shreddies every day for breakfast as a kid and I think I could keep that up even now if the grocery shopper in our house (not me) wasn't into such variety with the cereal choices. Mmmmm, mmmmmm!