Friday, May 8, 2009

Stand Still

Hey there! Don't worry, fellow bloggers and readers, I haven't moved away or anything. It's been a busy week, and I just haven't been 'inspired' to post anything. But this week, I've been singing a song by a favourite group of mine, and I felt led today to talk about it.

I think everyone is pretty much in the same boat as far as busy, stressed-out lives are concerned. Many are facing struggles that they just don't know what to do or how to deal with. And being humans, we naturally try to fix and handle situations on our own, struggling to make it right or better, or even just to simply try and cope with whatever seems to be 'overwhelming' us.

There are situations that affect so many people, situations too numerous to even mention, but I'm referring to things like financial difficulties, a wayward child, tension in the marriage, illness, death in the family, an injury from an accident, unemployment, a fall-out with family or friends....... and so many more circumstances. None of us are excluded from problems in this life.

And sometimes, those situations can be overwhelming. Jon and I had some situations occur over the last number of years. Thank goodness we had, and have, each other! Any ONE of those situations, although difficult, could have been 'handled' or coped with. But when disaster after disaster situation after situation occurred and got piled up on top of each other, it was most extremely overwhelming.

And it's during those times that you feel like you're drowning...... just gasping for air and trying to hold on and literally stay alive.

But in the midst of those times, it is important to just stand still. You have to stop and analyze what's going on, examine the situation and determine what you can and should do and what you CAN'T and SHOULDN'T do. And the only way to do this is to seek the Lord's direction..... FIRST. Before striking out to solve the problem on our own, we need to first ask God to take control of the situation and handle it, leading us to an answer.

I can't believe how many times this week I have read about or listened to a sermon about the trials we go through and how these trials will indeed make us stronger. Honestly, when you think about it, how can you really help someone 100 percent if you don't even know how they feel or what they're dealing with or actually experiencing? We go through these trials so that we, in time, will be able to help others in their time of need.

And to be truly honest, when I look at MY "problems", I have to really ask if they are "problems" at all! (Not to say that we have been excluded from traumatic experiences because we most certainly have NOT.... we have some babies that are now with Jesus. Losing them were very difficult times. But I'm more referring to "problems", if you can call them that, which I am currently experiencing.)

This blogging world has opened my eyes to some real hurting people!!!! I am following blogs from people who are dealing with miscarriages, death of child during pregnancy, death of child after delivery, sick children while in womb, sick children out of womb, kids with leukemia, a baby with chronic skin disease, a baby born premature who has survived numerous surgeries and now has no brain activity, death of a husband (whose wife is pregnant with his child), death of a baby due to SIDS....... these are just a few of the trials that others are facing.

People, what do "I" have to complain about?

Honestly? I shouldn't be complaining at all. The situations that I've mentioned above are from people who are trusting the Lord through their circumstances. They are still praising Him because they know that the Lord will use their trial for some good.... even though they can't see the result NOW, they KNOW God is with them and they are trusting Him.

And here "I" am.... complaining that I have too much month and not enough money.

I've been following blogs of two women who just returned from a Compassion trip to Calcutta. Melissa (who is Beth Moore's daughter) was given the opportunity to meet her two children that she sponsors. Guess how much the father of one of the children makes? $17 per month. SEVENTEEN DOLLARS!!!!!!! A MONTH!!!!!!!! These people live in mud huts. They have NOTHING. They live in the poorest of the poorest areas. Then I sit and look around at what "I" have!!! And I think about how quickly $17 goes around here.

Arrrrrrrrgh!!!! I don't even have the words to describe how I feel in my gut right now! I am sickened by my selfishness and my "poor me" attitude. (Joyce Meyer would have a hay-day with me right now!)

Anyways, let me get back on track here. When we come across these situations and circumstances in our lives where we are feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to turn, then, friends, might I suggest you just stand still, wherever you are, and seek your Heavenly Father and ask for His direction. (Preachin' to myself here!) He's waiting..... ever so patiently...... He knows what we're going through and how we're feeling..... but He has a plan. He can see the end and knows how it will turn out. It's not for us to question why? or how long?; but He just says to stand still and let Him move. He'll make a way.

Here is the song Stand Still by my favourite group, The Isaacs. I apologize for the poor quality of this video, but it's a great song and I want you to hear it.

Here are the words, for those of you on dial-up and not able to download the video.

The Father has a plan, though it's hard to see it now
You feel you're walking all alone, but He is there no doubt
When the storm around you rages, and you're tossed to and fro
When you're faced with life's decisions, not sure which way to go

Stand still, and let God move
Standing still is hard to do
When you feel you have reached the end
He'll make a way for you
Stand still, and let God move

When the enemy surrounds you, and the walls are closing in
When the tide is swiftly rising, and you wonder where He's been
Friend, there never was a moment that His arms weren't reaching out
You can rest assured and be secure, God is moving right now

Stand still, and let God move
Standing still is hard to do
When you feel you have reached the end
He'll make a way for you
Stand still, and let God move

The answer will come, but only in His time
Stand still, and let God move

So, today when you feel like you're running the rat race, remember to just stop and Stand Still. The Lord is patiently waiting for you to just take some time for Him. "Oh what peace we often forfeit, oh what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry, everything to God in prayer"........ Don't forfeit your peace, don't bear the pain.....

Just simply take the time to Stand Still.

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