Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ta-Dahhhhhh! A New Look!

Drum roll, pleeeease...........

Here's a new look for my blog. How do you like it?

Thank you to my girlfriend, Chris, who showed me how absolutely easy it was to change my template. This one is called Tin Roof, and I like it.

I certainly couldn't have anything too flowery or girlie because, well, I am the only female in the house, besides the cat. Even the "adopted" kids are all boys, so I had to go with something that was suitable for ALL of us.

I think this one is a pretty good choice. And I like the earth tones, too.

So, one of the next changes to the blog will be some music....... Hello? Victoria? One of these days I'm pulling you off homeschooling duties so you can show me how to do it properly, since I've tried three times and failed!

Sorry for my "slackness" in blogging lately..... I tried this morning, but completely had a brain cramp! I should've just found another hockey video. hahha.

Speaking of hockey..... Sorry Pastor, the Boston Bruins just pulled out their golf clubs. Guess I won't be gettin' you to wear that Leaf's jersey after all.

OK, folks.....
Off to bed.
Full day tomorrow.
Wanna sleep in.
Ain't gonna happen.



Janna said...

Yes, I love the new look - beautiful! :-)

badoo2 said...

I can finally see it now!! Not sure why it didn't show up the other day.

Gorgeous dah-ling!!

VictoriaD said...

Looking real good! Okay we need to set a date to do the music.