Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mish-Mash Of Basically Nothing Really All That Interesting

No real point to this evening's post, just wanted to chit chat with y'all before heading off to bed.

One thing I'd like to mention: Thank you to everyone who has come up to me and let me know that you're reading my blog. Sometimes you must wonder how this ol' brain of mine functions (or rather, DOESN'T function!). hahaha I've been known to say (or type) some pretty stupid things!

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Today has been a non-stop day, yet all I feel I got accomplished was the dishes and three loads of laundry (that I haven't even folded yet!). Jake and I have battled borderline migraines today. He experienced chills and dizziness today along with his massive headache. Fortunately I just had the migraine. I wasn't dizzy.... just ditzy, as usual.

What a GORGEOUS day outside today. I decided to eat lunch on the deck and take a few minutes to read my book, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer, that my sweet friends, John & Brigitte, gave to me about a month ago. (Hi John & Brigitte (and Baby)!!! I sent you guys an email today!) And that reminds me, someday I need to do a post on how I met John & Brigitte! (He's just some guy I picked up in a ditch! [grin])

So I am half way through my lunch (which was a beautiful lettuce salad with red cabbage and carrots and radish and tomato along with hunks of chicken in it, smothered with Sundried Tomato & Oregano dressing.... Mmmmmm) when Jake calls from school. He wants me to pick him up because his headache is worse, he's now experiencing chills and dizziness, and he feels just awful. "Okie dokie, be right there, sweetie". Wolf down healthy salad, wash it down with water, bootjack it to town. He even missed tonight's chores, so I KNOW he's not faking! Jake has missed chores only about two times in over two years! Hope he feels better tomorrow. Jon has been coughing up a storm the last two days as well. I thought the colds and bugs disappear when the nice May weather rolls around! Obviously not!

I got to see my "adopted son", Justin, on Tuesday. Jon and I headed to one of the jobsites in Trenton for a bit, and we ran into Keith and Justin. It was so nice to see "my boy". I miss him. Golly, I think I've mentioned that in the past. But just in case I didn't, can I tell you that I miss him.

I'm so excited for Justin's parents (who I've never met... yet; Jon has though). They are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this summer and will be renewing their vows in a church. His mom is very excited about it. Susan sounds like a new bride on the phone, all excited about her "wedding day" and her new gown. They have invited us to be a part of their day and I'M THRILLED. And I'll get to see Justin all decked out in a suit! Usually I just see him in construction clothes or a camouflage coat (or a full-length Blue Platinum Raccoon fur coat! hahaha).

Jon remarked to Justin, "Dooley, you look like you're losing weight!" Justin replied with something like, "Yah, it's the bad food here in Trenton." I grinned and said to him, "Ahhh Justin, are you saying that you liked my cookin'???" hahahhaha He gave me that sweet ol' Justin smile and said, "Yah, I guess." (Oh, I can just hear my boys' comments now about my cookin'. SHUT UP, YOU UNRULY CHILDREN!!!!!!)

Well, I don't know how that minute hand moved around the clock so quickly, but I think I'd better stop for tonight and hit the hay. Tomorrow is a full day of cutting lawns and finishing up that mountain of laundry. Jon has to go to Peterborough tomorrow and asked if I wanted to go. If I didn't have the lawns to do, it would've been a nice day for us, but I can't leave the lawns for Saturday or Sunday, so.... nay-nay, no Peterborough for Michelley.

I shall take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful weekend. It looks like it's supposed to be sun-filled. I LOVE May weather.... it's the best time of the year. God be with you 'til we post again.


Michelle said...

See folks? This is how easy it is! You type in the words you want to say to me in the little white box that says "Leave your comment".

THEN you type in the Word Verification that you see.

THEN you type in your google address and password OR you type in your name OR you click on Anonymous.

THEN you click on Publish Your Comment.

Now how easy is THAT?

Give 'er a whirl. I want to hear from you.

Sophia said...

hello Michelle. I like reading your blog. It is very whitty and well- thunked. :) hahhaa

I like how you mix up the serious stuff with the regular stuff.

I woulda ditched the laws for the trip to Peterborough.