Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/09/06

Just a quick update to let y'all know that not much has changed over the last few days in Blake's condition.

Blake has spent most of the week at Grandpa & Grandma Fraser's house, just up the road from us. He came home nightly for a couple of hours to talk to his sweetheart in Brazil via Skype (Hi Anelyse!), then would head back to my parents' home for more quality visiting time.

Right now he's sleeping in the tub!

He's usually up about 2-3 times through the night. I don't even hear him get up! Remember when they were babies and you could hear them roll over in their crib???

He's still feeling very weak and experiencing pain. Jeesh, these tests just can't come soon enough; however, I am very thankful that the doctors have sped them up for us. People can wait months and months for tests, so I'm grateful we're only waiting a few days or weeks.

We're going to church this morning. I'm excited to see how everything looks, now that everything is put back in it's place! Our church was just recently renovated with a new paint job and new carpeting. I was asked to assist in picking out colours and carpeting, and although some folks are somewhat 'concerned' with the colours we've chosen, I'm liking it better everytime I see it. I guess if it's a colour that they don't like, they can ask the Lord to ensure that He doesn't have their Mansion in Glory painted in that tone! hahaha.

So Tuesday is the date for Blake's abdomenal ultrasound. Maybe we'll have more news for you by the end of the week. Please continue to pray that his pain is minimal (or better yet, GONE) and that he gains some strength from the protein drinks he's consuming, recommended by the doctor to get his strength built up and get some nourishment into him.

Maybe we will soon get THIS silly boy back:

Blake, you've been hanging out with Little Cousin Abby too long.... :O) When you see your Aunt Danielle with a hairbrush and elastics..... RUN!!!!


Jennifer Brant said...

Hi Blake and Michelle and family

Karl and I are very sad to hear the news of Blake's illness....Please push the doctors for answers and don't let up!!! We have had our own medical issues with Dad and stage 4 cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Some of the teachings in our traditions is that we all have a purpose in this life and things happen in certain ways for reasons we don't always understand. I know that's not really any consellation at this time.

Blake you have touched peoples lives and know that you are loved by many!! We will be thinking of you. Love Jennifer, Karl, Pat and Roger...and the rest of our musical family at the Brant's

Kendra said...

Hey Blake, it's Cousin Kendra. You don't have TIME to get sick, smarten up before I come down there and whoop your butt! (compliments of your ma) LOL!
Seriously, hope they figure out whats going on so you can move out and get things started. We're all thinking about you and I just hope your mom doesn't post anything TOOOO embarassing on here!

Janna said...

Hey Michelle -
I'll be checking back soon to hear results from today. I'm praying for Blake.

Brenda Lammers said...

Hi Blake

We did not get to see you at all this time when we were back in "The County" I did visit with your mom and Aunt Dani and your gramma Jean. I'm so sorry that you have had to put off your plans of going away to school. I know that you were looking forward to it. It can be frustrating when "our plans" get changed or postponed, especially when we feel we are doing His will. I KNOW that there is a reason for this! You know that you are in His hands and he has amazing plans for you! So I am praying that the tests this week are not too difficult and that they will find what is wrong so that it can be dealt with and you can move on and go on to school in January. Rest in Him!!!!
Luv ya......Brenda
ps: I will be checking daily!
ppss: Hi Michelle!