Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Giraffe Kissing = Major Trust

Wannett has always been the "tough" sister.

Don't mess with her.... EVER.

I, personally, have always been known as the bossy sister (oldest... of course we're bossy!).

Danielle's been, what we call, the spoiled sister (youngest is always considered spoiled, right?).

And Wannett is.... "THE MIDDLE CHILD".

She's rough.

She's tough.

Don't mess with her.

But even as tough as Wannettie actually is, I never dreamed in my life that she'd be daring enough, or even have the wants, to travel to Africa.

And never in my WILDEST dreams did I EVER imagine Wannett locking tongues with A GIRAFFE!!!!!

Wannett smoochin' with Mr. Giraffe - Kenya 2009

OK, OK, so they weren't "kissing" really.....

Apparently she put some food between her lips and then the giraffe took it out. Now, I do this ALL THE TIME with our youngest retriever, Duke; and everyone is really grossed out over it. (I think it's a rather special act that I taught him, thankyouveryMUCH!).

Doing this with Duke took time and a bit of trust.... hoping that he wouldn't nip me while taking food from me. (By the way, Duke has NEVER nipped at me, not even once, while taking food... he's SO gentle! It's SO cute!)

Wannett feeding Mr. Giraffe - Kenya 2009

HOWEVER, a big honkin' ol' GIRAFFE..... well now..... THAT's a whole other story! Her HEAD would've fit nicely inside his MOUTH!!! Any of you pastors out there lookin' for a sermon about trust, well, there's a picture for ya!

I still can't believe she did that!

And I'm just glad she got a picture of it, or I never ever would've believed her story.

Giraffes have always been my most favourite wild animal, along with lions and leopards. I have to wonder if I would've been brave enough to do that.

Next time I feed Duke that way, I'm gonna pretend he's a giraffe.

Wannett, you're one tough ol' adopted kid for sure! hahaha

(Inside joke, folks! She's NOT adopted......)

.... or IS she?..... Hmmmmm..............

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Wannett Reynolds said...

Sometimes I 'pretend' that I AM ADOPTED!!! That WAS my happy place - now KENYA is my happy place!!