Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/09/19 (#2)

I am home a little earlier tonight than usual. Blake was really tired tonight, as was I.

He's been tired today, but generally feeling a bit better. He's still hooked up to the I.V. to receive Saline; still taking Cipro antibiotic orally. He has not had any hydromorphone today (morphine), but rather has been taking Tylenol #3's. He actually hasn't even had a lot of those! His pain has not been too bad today. Just before I left tonight, though, he took some more Tylenol #3's. Then he seemed to be in more pain. He said he had a bad pain in his back again. I waited a few more minutes and the pain started to subside. I told him if it got worse that he should buzz the nurse and ask for morphine, as Doctor C had suggested earlier.

He also received his last dose of Flagyl (antibiotic) via I.V. today. Sunday he will start taking it orally. He started taking the Prednizone orally today as well. Apparently the nurse said that the I.V. will come out tomorrow. (I had been told that this was all supposed to start occuring today (Saturday), but apparently plans changed somewhere along the way.)

Doctor C says Blake MIGHT go home tomorrow (Sunday) or maybe even Monday. I would feel better if he had one more day in the hospital and came home Monday or even Tuesday! He's still quite weak. He didn't have as high of an energy level today, but I'm assuming that's because of no morphine today.

He also was passing some blood again today and yesterday. Doctor C is not surprised; she says this won't be a problem once the ulcers in the intestines heal.

Doctor C is such a great lady. I am very thankful that she is our family doctor.... well, she is my doctor and the boys' doctor; Jon has Doctor F, who he really likes. It's wonderful when you have confidence in your doctor and really appreciate them. Not everyone can say that. I'm glad that we CAN!

Cousin Helen's husband, Don, who is across the hall from Blake, is still hangin' in there. Two of his four children arrived today at the hospital. That will be a big support for Helen, I'm sure. The other girl arrives tomorrow and their son arrives Monday. Helen needs someone here with her. She popped by to see Blake yesterday for a bit, and as we talked I noticed her begin to tear up. I just hugged her for a while and she let some of the stress go. Then just as quick as that, she pulled herself together and bid us adieu with a big smile. She's definitely got Fraser blood in her. I am not allowed to be in Don's isolated room and then return to Blake's room, so I can't go and sit with Helen; however, once Blake is home, I am hoping to go and sit with Helen for a bit. I don't want to intrude on the family, but I know it's comforting to have the support of loved ones when going through such a rough valley as this.

Today Helen said that, although Don didn't say any words, he followed her and the girls with his eyes. And he also let out a few moans.... not moans of pain, but rather moans like he was trying to say something. She said she could see the look in his eyes that he had something to say but just couldn't get it out. The fact that he can't talk is frustrating, but to know that he was more alert today was a wonderful thing. However, he will not be around much longer. Helen said he's losing weight now. To put him on an I.V. drip would be cruel, Helen said. It would just be prolonging the pain of what's to come. There is no cure for this terrible disease. Oh what a day that will be when we're free from all pain. Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly.

Got an email tonight from my sister, Wannett, who is in Africa. She's having a wonderful time. Says she is looking forward to some potato chips and some chocolate, and she doesn't want to see any chicken or rice when she walks in her house next weekend. hahaha. I'm looking forward to hearing her stories. She likely will not be able to send us any more emails; but I'm thankful that we heard from her today and that she is safe.

Well, my brain has just about gone into neutral, so I think I'd better sign off. Thank you for your prayers for Blake. I appreciate your prayers for Don & Helen, as well as for Wannett. I am currently reading a book on the importance of prayer. I know I, personally, don't pray near enough.... we should pray without ceasing and we should pray before we fret and worry and try to figure things out on our own. We try to fix the problems and when all else fails, THEN we think "well I guess I'd better pray about it". Nope. Not the way we should be doing it. It should be Prayer First. The author made a comment about how people are upset that prayer is being taken out of our schools. He says that we SHOULD be concerned over the fact that there's hardly any prayers any more even in our own CHURCHES! Guess we could carry that on to say "in our HOMES" as well! Prayer works, so why, then, don't we use it?

Good thought to focus on, eh?

'Til next time...... cheer-i-o.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle, Sarah here. I found the blog. (obviously) Good to read the update on Blake and your family. Totally cool that your sister is in Africa! I would like to go there one day myself. I continue to pray for Blake's healing. Could you tell him for me the next time you see him, because you will see him before I do, that every night I have been getting down on my knees beside my bed for him, because I know that he can't.
All my love,