Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/09/15

This is supposed to be a major quick, short update because I've been home too long and want to get back to "m'baby" at the hospital. But y'all know me.... it'll be too long!

Jon is with Blake now and said that my Mom & Dad just popped in for a visit. I'm thrilled with this, because Dad, due to poor health, doesn't get out too often anymore. Blake will appreciate their visit.

I have the names of the meds at the hospital, so I'll just quickly tell you he's on Prednisone (a.k.a. Cortisone) and on two antibiotics. Prednisone is a VERY intense med and Blake will be weaned off of it over a period of months. Then he'll take a milder drug once the intestines have a chance to heal from the Prednisone.

Richard stopped in to visit him last night. Blake had a coherent conversation with him. Then this morning he says, "Was RICHARD here last night???" hahahhahaa. He was obviously stilled looped from the painkillers he'd had, along with the demerol from the colonoscopy.

So last night I spent the night with him... and, since there's hardly any meat on that kid, we were able to share the bed! (although I was quite crowded! but that's ok... it sure beats the wheelchair I 'slept' on Sunday night!).

Anyways, as I was dozing off, he said, "Why is the bed moving?" I said, "It isn't." He was SURE that it was moving back and forth a bit. Then I realized the problem. I said, "Blake, you're high on morphine.... the bed's not moving... go to sleep!" hahahaha. He has no recollection of it this morning.

His spirits are better (well who WOULDN'T be happier on morphine and demerol!). Today it's a Tylenol #3 day. Hopefully that will keep the pain at bay.

His sweetheart in Brazil is terribly worried about him, but I just talked to Blake on the phone and he said she had called him around lunch time. Anelyse, do not worry! He's doing very well now. I'm sorry I couldn't answer your emails... no access from the hospital. Keep corresponding with Danielle. She is copying your messages and giving them to Blake, so keep them coming.

OK, folks, I will update a.s.a.p. We have been fortunate to have wonderful doctors. I saw Doctor J this morning in the hall at the hospital. He was the doctor who initially saw Blake Sunday night at emerg. I thanked him very much for putting Blake on the I.V. and not just shuffling us home. I told him I really appreciated him doing that. I think the doctors need encouragement because they get razzed quite a bit from folks. I'm not saying some of them don't need the odd tongue-lashing, but I will tell you that our experience with Doctor C, Doctor B, Doctor J, Doctor R, as well as the countless nurses, has been WONDERFUL. We have been blessed by their care.

Thank your doctor lately? Go do it.

Will update soon. My "secretary" Wannett (who is apparently my 'favourite sister'?) is leaving for Kenya Wednesday. Please pray for safe travels as well as a wonderful missions trip. She hasn't even left yet and ALREADY doesn't want to come home! hahhaa. Have fun, Wannettie!

And last post should've read "few days", not "view days". Secretary Wannett: your cheque is NOT in the mail! You're fired. You might as well leave the country!


carolyn said...

Hi Bkake
It's just me again.Glad you got through the day on Monday.
I knew that medicine was WICKED.
Now I'm sure things will improve & we'll be looking forward to seeing beautiful healthy YOU again
Praying for you daily.
Love from the Posts

Wayne & Linda Brown said...

Hi Blake, Michelle, Jon and the entire family,
We are so happy to know there has been a definite diagnosis for Blake. It's so stressful when one is dealing with the unknown and waiting for results of tests, never knowing what you're facing as a result of testing. Once we know what is going on we can use our strength positively and face the "music" as the saying goes.
We're sad that Blake has this illness to deal with at his young age, however we know he will do whatever it takes to get him back on the road to good health. With today's medications & proper diet, Crohn's can be managed very well. We know several friends with this IBD and they are working and managing life quite well. We continue to pray for Blake that the necessary meds will have him feeling better and that he will be able to gain back some necessary weight and after a few months be well on the road to recovery & be in control of his IBD.
Sending Blake our love and we will continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers.
When he gets feeling better and home, we would love to come and visit with him and your famiy.
Thanks to the great Drs., nurses & hospital staff that have done their work well to help our young fiddle man get diagnosed and treated quickly.
"Friends in Music" XO XO XO
Wayne & Linda Brown

VictoriaD said...

thanks for keeping us updated Michelle. I have to tell you that reading that you'd slept with Blake brought tears to my eyes. I remembered cuddling with Simon in his bed at KGH when he was sleeping and how much my heart hurt for him as a mom. Sending you my love and prayers sweetie. Love you both!

S said...

Ohh, I wish I could just hug ya'll! Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but glad that it gives you a starting point. You don't know which way to go until you know where you are! Our Pastor's wife was diagnosed with Crohn's (before I ever knew her) and I'm going to be seeing her tonight and will find some encouragement to share with you from someone first hand. Know of my prayers to the Master Healer!!

S said...

Hi, again!
Spoke a little bit to Jan tonight and she told me her life was changed after reading the book, "Christ the Healer" by F.F. Bosworth.
When she was first diagnosed,they clung to scripture--with God all things are possible!
She said things have been miraculous and shared some of her story about living with Crohn's with me.
If you ever want to know more some day, lemme know. Also if you have any specific questions you'd like me to ask her, let me know.
Christ's blessings to you!