Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/09/13

Update as of 6:23pm
Running Blake to emergency to have them check him out. Very very weak, lots of pain, vomiting.
No access to computer from hospital; will update when I can. Hopefully they'll admit him!!!!!
Thanks for prayers, folks.

Sunday -4:48pm

Well, let's just say that Pico-Salax is NOT Blake's best friend! This afternoon is NOT going well at all.

Pico-Salax is an intense laxative that is sure to clean you outta stuff that you never knew was in ya!

He didn't have a lot of strength to begin with today; but this 'junk' is really giving him the once-over. The Gravol, to apparently help with nausea, is not helping at all. He's not only nauseous, he is vomiting. He is in much pain, especially in his back.

My Mom is here with us and we are sitting here with him as he "sleeps". I put that in quotation marks because Mom just said, "It's good that he's sleeping now" and then Blake waved his hand in the air, as if to say, "Helloooo... I'm awake and I can HEAR you!!!!!!!" haha... Crazy kid.

When he's in extreme pain, he keeps hollering out "Oh Father!". I think he's calling out to the Lord, not Jon! :O)

Then he'll snap quickly at me and then say, "Oh, sorry".

Poor kid.

That's OK. I can take it. But let the record stand that, once he's feeling better, I'll be whoopin' his butt for snappin' at me. hahaha.

Blake was complaining a few minutes ago of not feeling like he could breathe properly. I THINK it's just from the pain he's experiencing when he's throwing up, as he seems to be fine now; however, if it gets to be happening again, or getting worse, I'm not going to hesitate to take him on a road trip to Emerg. I keep hoping one of these trips to Emerg. will produce a doctor who will take one look at him and say, "Hokey Dinah, I know what he's got... here's an antibiotic to fix him right up!" Wouldn't that be an answer to prayer?

Anyways, I'm gonna go now. Be on the lookout for THIS stuff:

And if you see it... RUN!!!!!


Dani said...

Poor kid

I wish there was something I can do for him.

I was just telling Brent and Jackson about it (reading from the blog) and Jacky-boy, said "we'll talk to God tonight" Bring on the waterworks!!

Just know Blake that your sidekick (Jackson) is thinking of ya.

Love ya lots

Aunt De/FAD/Audie

Valerie said...

Hi Michelle - I was so sad to hear of Blake's illness when Dane called earlier this week. I'm sorry he has had to postpone school; his health is of course of paramount importance. Our friend Rita would say "everything happens for a reason" so I'm going to go with that for now. I hope they are able to get Blake re-hydrated at the hospital tonight and he gains back a little strength. Something like this can sure put life in perspective - seeing our kids sick or sad is almost unbearable! We pray that Blake gets well SOON - You and the boys (all 4 of them) are all in thoughts and prayers.

Wayne & Linda B. said...

What a shock to hear about Blake's severe illness ! We've been away to Winnipeg from Sept. 3-9th and then Marmora Jamboree Sept.10 -13th. Several music friends informed us about Blake and then I was talking to Mary Hough(Ron), last evening & she told us as well. Lenore Bongard told us about your updates on the blog so am just getting filled in this morning. WOW!! What an ordeal to be going through. We are so sorry Blake, to hear of your pain & accompanying sickness that's attacking your body. We too will be adding you, Blake, and your family & friends circle, to our Prayer list. You are so fortunate to have such a caring, loving family and through them, the great Drs., modern medicine & with God's help, you will get through this very troubled time. We will be reading your blog daily and praying that we soon hear good news of a diagnosis and recovery !! Wish we could help you is some way and if there ever is anytime you think we could be of assistance, please feel free to call upon us.
I am a caregiver and could do respite if necessary to give family a break. Thinking of all of you but very concerned about you Blake.
God Bless You - We Love You !
Your Friends in Music - Wayne & Linda Brown

Wayne & Linda B. said...

Michelle, please let me know if you received this comment as I'm not familiar with sending them.

Valerie said...

Hi Michelle - I think you're going to have to get a blackberry or i-phone so you can communicate on-the-go! Anyway, just thinking about you all and hoping Blake was able to have his procedure today and all went well. xo valerie

Anonymous said...

praying, praying, praying.....