Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wannett in Africa

Wannett is officially "Out of Africa"; she returned home on Saturday.

However, a piece of my sister's heart is still "Back In Africa".

Wannett in Kenya, Africa, with Damaris (right) and sister Eunice. Sept 2009

Wannett was fortunate enough to meet her sponsor child, Damaris (right), as well as the rest of Damaris' family. Joining them in this photo is Damaris' younger sister, Eunice.

This photo was featured on the cover of a newsletter entitled, "Tuesday's Child" for International Child Care Ministries. Check it out by clicking here!

Wannett had a wonderful trip. I still haven't finished looking at all the photos. I can't WAIT to show you the photo of her with a giraffe! Wannett mustered up a lot of trust to get that photo taken and I can't wait 'til she emails it to me.

Wannett.... hint, hint.....

She brought us back gifts (yippeee) and, as I said above, lots of photos. She had an absolute wonderful time and is planning on returning again in five years, if not before. She already has our sister Danielle and son Blake all pumped up to go with her.

I will post the giraffe photo once she emails it to me.

Wannett.... hint, hint.....

Feel free to check out Canada's International Child Care Ministries website and consider sponsoring a child for basically $1/day. (If you're in the U.S., click on the U.S. link at the bottom of their website.)

Now Wannett.... about that giraffe picture...........

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