Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/09/08

....and the questions have already started to roll in!

This morning was Blake's abdomenal ultrasound.

And the answer is........


The technician did not share anything with Blake as to whether she found anything of any interest or not. At this point, test results will go to our Doctor C and she will let us know. And since her office is closed on Wednesdays, I'm bettin' (IF, of course, I was a betting kind of gal) that I won't hear anything until Thursday.

That's the latest scoop, folks. You now know all that I know.

So.... please keep praying. He's had a rough last few days with some pain and weakness. He says if he can lay still and not move, then the pain subsides somewhat. But as soon as he gets up to visit the Little Boys Room or gets up to grab something to eat, he experiences pain.

I am not, for the most part, delivering his food to him as he lays sprawled out on the couch because I am not wanting him to get NO exercise! I figure he needs to be SOMEWHAT mobile or else he's gonna seize up.

He said sometimes he feels so weak that there is pain shooting down his legs when he starts walking. I'm wondering if that's just a matter of not enough physical activity; however, we will mention that to Doctor C on our next visit.

In the meantime, I will let you know as soon as I get the ultrasound results. Please be in prayer for the upcoming colonoscopy on September 14th.

And I'm bettin' (IF, again of course, I was a betting kind of gal) that you're all wondering WHAT kind of picture I'll be posting on Colonoscopy Day. Well.... won't THAT be.... ummmm...... keeping you at the edge of your seat. HAHAHAHAAHAHA ~ Oh, I'm so sorry... I just couldn't resist that pun. HAHAHA

Cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

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Carol Reed said...

Hey Blake, I wish there were answers to your ultrasound, but I know the technician can't tell you anything anyway. Was the same with me. I'm sure you'll hear from your doctor if it shows anything serious before Thursday. We'll be praying for you next Monday (and every day in between). Try to keep your spirits high and hopefully you can get "some" energy from the Ensure. You are still taking it???? Take care of yourself and know we are all out there holding you up in prayer. You'll get through this.