Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/09/16

Ohhh I hope I can stay awake to do a post! I'm very sleepy tonight. I am looking forward to a good night's sleep in my very own bed.

Tonight Blake is on his own at the hospital. He was bugging me about not sleeping with him tonight because of a sore arm, and he didn't want me to hit it. (They put a line in his arm to administer the morphine so they didn't have to jab his arm so much). He told me to sleep in the empty bed next to him. I explained that I couldn't do that because if someone else was admitted through the night, they would need that bed. And I told him I was NOT sleeping in the chair again, like I did on Sunday night!

It's funny how he kept commenting on how I could go home; however, once he needed something, it was, "Oh Mom, could you do this? could you get me that?". I laughed and said, "How are you gonna do all that if I go home?". So after some more razzin', I thought maybe I might come home tonight and let him experience things on his own. THAT way, he MIGHT be a LITTLE more appreciative of his Momma and what she does for him! hahahhaa. It'll probably backfire on me, but... oh well. At least I'll get a good night's sleep out of it.

OK, you didn't sign in here to read my silliness.... you wanna hear about Blake's condition today.

Well, basically, in a nutshell, he's higher than a kite!

He is taking Dilaudid for pain, which is a synthetic morphine. They call it hydromorphone, and apparently Dilaudid is one of the manufacturer's names. They gave him Tylenol #3's yesterday, but they weren't quite powerful enough for the pain that he's in. The hydromorphone is giving him quite a 'buzz' and he wants to somehow have it readily available for when he comes home as well. hahhaha. He's truly my son! (When I was having trouble with kidney stones a number of years ago and needed surgery, Demerol was my very very best friend. And that made me ROBERT's best friend, because I had a few Demerol pills in my purse! hahaha He thought family should share!)

Anyways, Blake is having some distorted dreams, things are spinning when he shuts his eyes, he's in a rather happy mood most of the time, although his Aunt Danielle and I got in trouble last night because he thought we were eavesdropping on his phone conversation with his sweetie-pie in Brazil. Little did he realize we were in our own little completely disturbed world and only teased him a few times during our conversation of the children's show "Arthur". We were laughing at the name Binky Barnes; we were chanting A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K; and we were singing "Hey! It's a wonderful kind of day... HEY!" Sometimes, Blake, it's NOT all about YOU! :O)

I really have not much more NEW stuff to report to you other than Blake is very much appreciating the fact that the painkillers are keeping him from the terrible pain he's been experiencing for months. He is still weak, but happy. And I MUST tell you (because this is MY blog and I can say whatever I want!)... Blake went to the potty yesterday all by himself once; and he did that again tonight. I'm so proud! Just like the toddler years all over again. haha.

He has been receiving a few visitors as well as phone calls. He gets pretty tired after things settle down, but he doesn't like the dizzy feeling when he shuts his eyes to rest.

He is QUITE sure that he will be ready for school in January. I have firmly, yet politely, reminded him that we will see how his health improves. I probably shouldn't have told him that Doctor B thought things would probably be ok for him to start in January. Every Crohn's patient seems to be different, so we'll see what happens. I appreciate the calls from people giving me names of authors of books regarding Crohn's Disease. I also am looking forward to having chats with the people I know who suffer from this disease to see how they cope. Thank you also to strangers who are offering advice. Stacey, you are one that I am referring to here. I appreciate the comments you are forwarding. Unfortunately, I am not able to respond to you because every time I leave you a comment on your food blog, it gets deleted. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if the blog just doesn't like Canadian Comments. haha. I will check out that book that you referenced.

Sorry I don't have pictures downloaded for y'all to see. We got a good one of Blake drooling tonight on a bib. hahaha. Yes, he was clowning around. My batteries in the camera are dying, but I really am too tired to download anyways.

So it looks like Crohn's could be a battle for us for a while. Apparently he is advised to keep a journal and record what foods bother him, etc. As for now, he is advised to not eat any dairy until his intestines are a little more healed from all the ulcers. I have lots of research to do on this, but the more I say Crohn's, the more I hear of people I know of who live with it daily.

Folks, it's late. I'm tired. I have a load of laundry to throw in the dryer and I want to go to bed and sleep the night away.

Could you do me a favour while I have your attention? Across the hall from Blake's room at the hospital lies a family member who is dying. My Dad's cousin, Helen, is literally watching her husband slip from this world. His health suddenly started to go downhill six short weeks ago and more rapidly this past week. He has been diagnosed with Jakob's Disease. Please pray for Helen as she goes through this battle. She has children flying in this week from Germany, Las Vegas, Vancouver, and one child driving in from Brampton. She's being very strong, but it's hard to watch your 'never-sick-a-day-in-his-life' husband slip away so quickly with such a terrible disease. He might not make it through the weekend. Please lift Helen (and Don!) up in prayer. There is no known cause nor cure for Jakob's Disease. I don't know if Don knows the Lord. I will check on this with Helen; but in the meantime, please pray for that family. Thank you.

And thanks from Blake (& me, Jon, Jake, & Jared) for all your support and prayers. He is blessed to have so many people care.

God bless.

(OK, beddy-bye, heeeere I cooooome!!!!!!)

Oh sorry.... one last thing: Please pray for my sister Wannett who is now, as I type, flying to Africa on a missions trip. She is so excited!!!!! And I am excited for her. Pray God uses her in a mighty way (and also that he keeps my little sis safe!!!!) Thanks. That's it. No more. I'm signing off. G'night.

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