Monday, September 21, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/09/21


We arrived home a bit before 3pm. It was going on 2pm before we were discharged from the hospital. I dropped off the prescriptions at the pharmacy, I went to Sobey's to pick up some stuff for supper, we stopped to say Hi to my Dad & Mom (Blake insisted), then arrived home.

My "adopted son" Billy is here and Mitchell should be arriving soon. They are planning to play X-Box360 with Blake. I am trying to tell Blake that he needs to not push it! Rest is required! But I'm happy that he's able to hang with Billy-Bob, his best friend. Nice to hear them laughing out loud downstairs in the rec-room and not have to worry about a nurse coming in to shush them so as not to bother other patients.

Again, I cannot tell you how wonderful the nurses and doctors and staff at the hospital are. I LOVE THEM. I am telling you, people, we are in theeeee beesssst area for health care. I consider Doctor C to be one of the top General Practitioners in our area. I will likely do a post on these folks later, but now that Billy is here to sit with Blake, and Jon just walked in the door too, I'm heading off to watch Jake & Jared play their first school soccer games of the season. Jared plays at 3:30 and Jake plays at 5.... that makes a late supper. Guess I'd better get something for Blake to eat now. It's already 3:20!

Thank you all for your prayers. More updates coming, but gotta run now!

God bless.

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