Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why blog?

Last night I had the opportunity to have tea time with one of my sisters (Thanks for the visit, Wannett).

It was nice to be available for some long overdue chit-chat time.... just the two of us... a rarity!; and I didn't need to feel guilty about leaving anyone at home because Blake, Jared, and Billy had gone to a movie; and Jon, Jake, and Mikey were out cutting wood.

One of the things Wannett and I did was look at my blog. I wanted to see how things appeared on her computer. (It kinda distorted our faces, making them long and skinny-looking..... don't get me wrong, I LIKE skinny!, but I already have a long-shaped face, so her computer's image of me and Jon and the kids didn't do us justice.... oh well.... get over it Michelle).

One of Wannett's questions was, "How long DOES it take you to do a post?" I said, "Oh not too long, depending on the post". Then I thought about it.... sometimes it SEEMS as though it's not a long time, but I check out the clock and think, "Oh Man! I've got to get off this computer and get something accomplished in this house today!" That ol' clock just ticks away quicker than I think.

But I find this blog is therapeutic for me. I've always wanted to journal or keep diaries, and it's just never happened. This is sort of like that, but more fun because you can add pictures. And I can write about whoever I want and post it for, literally, the whole world to see! hahaha (So, be nice to me, folks.... hahahhaa)

I decided that it doesn't matter if I have lots of readers.... I might be the only one who reads this blog. (And some days, I AM!) Some days I wonder why people even keep returning! I think, "I'm sure they MUST have a life... what are they doing HERE?"

But I follow other blogs where people say the same thing. I LOVE checking in to see how my friends are doing. (Christine: FYI, you've gone MONTHS without a post!) And I LOVE 'travelling the blog world' around Canada and down to the States to see what's happening in the lives of others.

Following other blogs has helped me to not whine about my own life (well, at least not whine as much!)..... there are people who are really going through some very trying times. And because my trials at this time are not as intense as their's, I can take that time to pray for them and their situation. One lady always says that she can't understand why people want to know how many diapers she's changed, what she served for lunch, and if she got flowers watered or not; but her followers are interested in what she has to say, no matter how menial, so.... she posts.

I think a lot of it hinges on the fact that so many of us are going through things, and we need to know we're not alone. We all have the trials and tribulations.... (you're just coming out of one, you're currently going through one, or 'do-up-your-seatbelt' because a trial is on it's way!).... and it's good to know you have a support system.

There are a bunch of caring people out there! There are blogs that have thousands of people checking in every day. What a great support system. Even our situation with Blake's decline in health.... I can post updates, people can check in, and bang!... countless prayers rise upwards to our Father on Blake's behalf. If that's all this blog does, then it's worth it.

I appreciate reading blogs where I am uplifted and encouraged, blogs that hit the nail on the head because they speak to exactly what I'm experiencing. Like today, for example. I checked out a blog, that's intended to "(in)courage", and the story hit home with me. Check it out by clicking here.

Oh, someday I'll be able to share my story with you, or at least parts of it; but for now, like the above "(in)courage" article, there's a pile of garbage that's been dumped on my floor. And, yes, it stinks. It's a rotting mess. And "I" am the only one, with God's help, to clean it up.... even though it's not my mess. Someone else dumped their garbage, thinking they had the right to dump it and then carry right on with their own lives as if nothing had happened.

"They" left the mess and "I" get to clean it up. Nope, not fair at all. But God never said life would be fair. And I can't leave their garbage here on my floor because its stench affects me and my family. So, with God's help, it's getting cleaned up, little garbage bag by little garbage bag.


Well, Wannett, in answer to your question of how long it takes to do a post.... today I shall answer "too long". And the system won't allow me to upload any pictures today, so add on a few extra minutes to sort out THAT problem.

(Update as of 9:36pm.... Wannett: I wrote this post this morning, but Blogger had problems with uploading the pics, so I waited until tonight. In reference to your question, I guess technically the post took about half an hour to type, but if you want to get REALLY particular, it took about 13 hours and 30 minutes. Haha.)

Time to get organized and get something accomplished. But just unloading that one particular garbage comment has already made me feel that I've accomplished something. Pray that I get the "non-permit-dumped-garbage" cleaned up. Pray that the Lord gives me direction in how to clean it up properly and effectively and get rid of it at His disposal site so that the floor is cleaner and the air is fresher.

And while we're on prayer, let me know how I can pray for YOU. Going through a trial? Got any stinky garbage? Don't feel that you need to share your details, simply just tell me how I can pray for you.


Sophia said...

I don't always leave comments but I do always read!
I love your blog.
Honestly it is spiritually challenging, reflective and really makes you think.
I hope you keep it up!

kkaci said...

Good post, Michelle. I'm sad that someone couldn't be bothered to drive to the county dump and "dumped" on your property instead :-(. Great metaphor.

kkaci said...

Michelle, I read the blog you referenced .... WISE WORDS HERE -->

"About two years ago I discovered a life-changing fact regarding the messes of life: the trash’s origin makes little difference at clean up time.

Refusing to clean a mess that someone else made or started to make doesn’t hide the smell. Stamping my feet and wailing, “It’s not fair,” may garner sympathy but it won’t rid the stain. " Brilliant. Thanks for the link.

Lorraine and Scott said...

We have just found out about Blake. If there is anything at all we can do for you guys .....Even a shoulder or an ear I'm hear ....We've been through alot these past couple years ourselves.
And Blake stay strong and keep your chin up and have faith.

S said...

I did a post a few weeks ago on my weight loss blog about Jehovah M'Kaddesh--Our Sanctifier. I've created such a mess of my life and our Heavenly Father is so good to come along side us and not only clean us up, but make us better than we were before! This is the kind of healing and restoration I am believing for your son! Not only will he be healed, but he will be BETTER than he was before things started to take a turn for the worse.
So glad to have found your blog. I enjoy your heart.