Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/09/23

Blake has had a really good few days here at home.

He is still a little weak, but he's eating like a horse! I can't fill him up!

It's good to hear him laugh when he's playing X-Box360 with his best friend Billy-Bob (Hi William), and also when he's laughing while talking on Skype with Anelyse in Brazil (Hi Any) and also with his buddies Travis & Jack (Hi guys!).

He even managed to make it to the rec-room tonight to watch some Criminal Minds with the rest of the family. He ate a whole bag of popcorn himself! I don't think he's EVER done that!

He has taken a bit of Tylenol Extra Strength for pain, along with his other meds, but the pain is very minimal. Thank you, Lord.

It's good to see him mending. We have a long road ahead of us, but thankfully this disease is manageable. All he seems concerned about is getting to school in New Brunswick in January.

I'll also give you updates on Jake and Jared. Both boys are currently in highschool, of course; and they are on the Sr. & Jr. school soccer teams. They played Monday night and again tonight. Both boys won their games Monday night as well as tonight (Wednesday). Both of Jared's games were shut outs (tonight's game was 13-0!!!), and Jake's games were both shut outs until the last few minutes of play on tonight's game, with the other team scoring one. Can't remember what Jake's team scored, but it was a ridiculous lead.... much like Jared's team's score.

I am very proud of these two athletes. I am very proud of ALL my boys (you too, Jon... you take a lickin' and keep on tickin'!!! Someday you'll show 'em!).

OK, I'm off to bed.

And just so you know.... as the day progressed, I got a couple of "jigsaw puzzle pieces" put into place. One day at a time (right Tammie?)


Jake, Jared, Blake - October 2008

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