Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dare Ya To Cram That All In Your Mouth!

The "I dare you" words have been floating around the house lately. You will recall that Justin had made a dare to me (by the way, you don't dare me!) back at the post entitled, "Fashion: Camouflage or Fur?" . And you will recall that I reciprocated that dare.

(And did I tell you that he wore the fur coat two or three times AFTER the dare? I think he's secretly taken a liking to "Barbie".)

So at the supper table one evening, back near the beginning of April, I believe that Justin dared Jared to lick some chili sauce off his plate like the dog! (meaning Jared to lick off his OWN plate, NOT JUSTIN's..... jeepers, how sick do you people think we are anyways????)

Uhhhh, you don't dare Jarey either. Check out Duke in the background, patiently waiting for Jared to leave some morsels behind.

So then someone, likely Justin, dares Jake to eat the tiny little pumpkin tarts from The County Farm Centre that were purchased for a buck! Yes, a buck! for twelve mouth-watering delicious baby pumpkin tarts.

There are five left, and Jake decides he can eat them in, like, 15 seconds or something stupid like that! Maybe it was 30 seconds. Anyways, the clock starts and Jake starts crammin' them in. (What a waste of good tarts!)

C'mon, Jakey, keep chewin'. Only two tarts gone and he's already grabbin' for the water.

It's hard to tell with a mouth that large...... but, yes, I think they're all in there. Problem is, they won't go down the pipe! A little DRY, Jake?

Jared and Justin watching Jake pass the one minute mark, or did we go to two minutes? Or three? Keep chewin', boy. Look out! He's gonna spew!

Nah, he didn't spew in MY kitchen! He knew better! But Duke wasn't too far away.... just in case he did.

I know, that was gross. Sorry.

Stupid dares. Anybody out there got a good dare story? Click on the Comments below and tell me about it.

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VictoriaD said...

One time at dinner Amy decided to "fight" me for the last yorkshire pudding. I poured gravy on it and threatened to clock her with it. She dared me and...well the rest is history. Suffice to say "she got the last one" haha Apparently it doesn't taste quite to so good inhaled.