Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Billy ~ My "Adopted" Son

My "son" Billy has been on my mind the last two days, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to embarrass him on the world wide web.

May I introduce you to "one of my boys"..... Bill. Billy. Billy-Bob.

Above is a photo of Billy on Prom Night, Spring of 2008. And here he is with his friends, Blake and Jack.

Are these three handsome fellows or what??? And you just CAN'T beat a photo of them in nice black tuxedos!

And in this photo, I asked them to give me the "tough guy" look.

I haven't seen as much of Billy lately.... he's going to college and also working in a nearby city. I miss him. Even though he didn't come around to our house daily or even weekly, I still miss him.

He was able to spend some time with us on New Year's Eve, Dec. 31, 2008, at my sister's house. The guys had a few games of poker.

Then the 'kids' moved into the living room to play with Abby's toys. That's right. ABBY's toys....not JACKSON's......ABBY's.

Here's Billy, embarrassed that I caught him playing with a doll.

Finally, he agreed to pose.

Blake saw that Billy was having a fun time playing with dolls, so he thought HE'd give it a try.

Billy decided it was then time to do some house cleaning and he pulled out Abby's vaccuum.

Uncle Brent just about had enough of watching these boys play with dolls and vaccuums, so he thought he'd get Billy into some "manly" wrestling.

Billy has this fancy shmancy camera, so we decided to take each other's photo at the same time.

A parent always wants the best for their children and having good friends is SO important these days. I am a VERY fortunate Mom because my kids have some pretty good friends. I am very thankful for that.

Billy, you're a good boy......uhhhh, I guess that would be MAN now, right? Nah, you'll always be "one of my boys". I miss you, kiddo. Stop by for a visit soon.

That's an order from your "Mom".

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