Monday, April 20, 2009

Cletus Take The Reel

I have to dedicate today's blog post to two fellows, Justin and Kevin.

Justin loves to fish. His mom, Susan, was telling me that when he was about two years old, he would go out and sit in the driveway and "fish" in the mud puddles for looooooong periods of time. At least she knew where he was! haha.

One day when Justin was staying with us, he and I ended up at Canadian Tire, and sure as shootin', he purchased a fishing rod and reel. I wish I'd known about the "fishin' in the mud puddle" story that day.... I'd have had a lot of fun teasin' him about where exactly he was planning to go fishing with this new rod and reel. hahahahaha.

And Kevin .... Kevin is a friend of mine and is one of my all-time favourite Christian radio hosts. I love his sense of humour (which is occasionally over my head! no surprise! ....... it doesn't take much these days!).

A famous country music song (Jesus Take the Wheel, sung by Carrie Underwood) is also being played on our local Christian radio station (UCB 102.3fm). Let's just say that Kevin is NOT a country music fan, and so Jesus Take The Wheel is not really one of his favourite songs.

So after watching this video, Justin and Kevin popped into my mind and I just had to post it. Tim Hawkins, a Christian comedian, has had me in stitches with some of his comedy routines, one of which I posted the other day (Things You Don't Say To Your Wife). There's a few more of his videos that I plan to post, but I thought I'd share this one with you today.

Justin and Kevin, this one's for you guys.

We've just experienced a big downpour this afternoon, so the puddles in the driveways will be overflowing for sure!

A PERFECT day for fishin', Justin.

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Janna said...

Hey Michelle - I don't know if you remember, but when we were in Picton this song came out shortly before Steve preached a sermon with a similar theme. So, I was asked to sing it for the Sunday morning service. I'm pretty sure I had less than a week to learn the song (I think it was a few days) so I had a CD of it and had it on repeat play in our CD player for LONG stretches of time so I could learn it. I don't know if hearing it SO much, my poor efforts at singing it, or just a general case of hating country music is the cause, but whenever Ben hears the song now, he always says, "Oh - NO - not THIS song!!!" Honestly, it's the only song I can think of that he actually complains about.
Sorry, Carrie, I'm a big fan. I hope Ben will come around one day.