Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Just Experienced A GOD MOMENT!!!!

I just experienced a God Moment and am practically in tears!

I just received a phone call this morning (7:44am!). The lady on the phone said she has set aside FOUR TICKETS TO THE ABRAMS BROTHERS CONCERT AT THE REGENT THEATRE.........FOR FIDDLERS FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Abrams Brothers

I have been planning on going to this concert.....well, I should say WANTING to go to this concert and wanting to take all the boys. However...... $ Cha-Ching $ ..... it's a lot of money right now for us.

So I've been holding off and hoping a windfall would arrive in my mailbox. Since nothing had arrived as of late, I figured I might have to face the fact, with GREAT disappointment, that we might not be able to attend.

I also was figuring that these guys may possibly have a sold-out show, based on the FABULOUS performance they gave at their last concert at the Regent, so tickets might have been hard to come by anyways.

Then........ this morning......... my 'prayers' are answered. I hadn't even really bothered the Lord with this request yet; but He knew my heart's desire and He gave me this wonderful gift.

(Thank You, Father, for this wonderful surprise gift; and I most graciously ask for You to bless the lady who chose to supply these tickets to us.)

This lady (Hi Kathy!) who called has simply asked if Fiddlers Found would be willing to come to The Old Schoolhouse in Ameliasburgh (QEMA - ) sometime through the summer and put on a fiddle show.

Ummmmmm...... Golly....... let me think about that.......


So I am flying high right now. I am so excited to go to this concert. I am so excited that all three boys can go as well.

Oh yah! I almost forgot to tell you...... CMT did a big interview with The Abrams Brothers in Toronto, and so CBC decided that they would come TO THE REGENT and do some filming during their performance here on May 9th!!!!! (Get OUTTA here!... )

Then Kathy says to me, "You should have your boys throw their fiddles in the trunk of the car..... maybe we could get them to jam with the Abrams Brothers after the concert."


[insert wide-opened jaw here]

Now, that last part about the jammin' might not happen; Kathy was just thinkin' out loud and said she would LIKE to see that happen. She said, "Leave it with me!"

(BREATHE, Michelle!)

Folks, Kathy doesn't even KNOW us! This is what's amazing! It's not like I know somebody who knows somebody...... this call came out of the blue! She has never met me; she doesn't even know what I look like. She hasn't even heard the boys play fiddles before.


So, Pastor Paul, in response to your reference last Sunday morning about having a God Moment........



The Abrams Brothers

May 9th

Regent Theatre

Picton, Ontario

If you can, be there!

You WON'T be disappointed!

(Did I tell you how excited I am??????)

ps - Don't forget to pray for Baby Stellan; see my post from earlier this morning.


kkaci said...

Michelle, that is so awesome!!! I would love to hear those guys as well! Enjoy, enjoy ... (and praying for baby S.)

Janna said...

Wow - that is a God thing!! Thank you for sharing it with us -- such an encouragement. I hope you have an amazing time. It'll be a memory you and the boys will share forever! :-) And Stellan's story (hope I spelled it right - I went and looked at enough pictures of the name from all over the world that you would think I should have it right!!) is just amazing. I'll hopefully be able to add a picture too. Even more important - I'm praying as well now!
Thanks, MIchelle! What a great set of posts for "hump day" (Wednesday)!