Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Too Tired For Intellectual Words.... so you get photos!

I am still a bit pooped from my weekend away with "the girls"; therefore, my brain is functioning today on slooooow speeeed.

And I don't think I usually have "intellectual" words anyways.... but it's a word that makes me sound a lot smarter than I am! haha

So I thought today would be a good day to post some photos from the Fraser Easter get-together. Unfortunately for us, some of the family was in Newfoundland at the time, so you won't see any pictures of Blake or Danielle, Brent, Jackson, & Abby. But we were thinking of them as we pigged out on turkey and ham and mashed potatoes and gravy and baked beans and corn and string beans with carrots and coleslaw and jello and cheese and pickles and buns...... and then cherry cheesecake for dessert.

Looks like this last sentence was unfortunate for THEM (the Newfoundlanders)! Sorry you missed it, guys.

Oh man, talkin' about all that food, I'm hungry now........

Anyways, here's the photos.

Here's my Jakey with my niece Beulah (her real name is Celia, but I call her Beulah).

Here in the centre of this photo is my baby, Jarey, with my two nephews hanging off of him. Fraser is on the left and Bruce is on the right.

Here are two gentlemen who literally stepped up to the plate! ....not just the "plates", but the silverware and the glasses and the bowls and the pots and the pans....... Helping out with dishes are my Uncle Gerald and my brother-in-law Robert.

My sister, Wannett, already warned me about putting Robert's picture on the blog.... poor Robert lost a front tooth (Wannett can be violent by times [wink, wink]) and Wannett WARNED me NOT to put a picture of his missing tooth on the blog. So I'm obliging. (Rats! I had such a good photo of him with a big ol' toothless smile! Oh well, there's always the newspaper at birthday time!)

Wannett: The above photo technically does not count because he has his tongue in the space. (Pleeeeease, Wannett, I'm begging you to not knock out my tooth as well.........pleeeeeeeease.......)

This is another older brother of my Mom's, my Uncle Murray. He's digesting all that good food!!!

This is my Mom & Dad's kitty-cat, Darby. He was eyeing up the turkey meal. He "passed away to Kitty Heaven" last week. (Bye, Darby....)

Here is my niece, Carley, with my Mom, Jean. They were playing a game at the table.

And this photo is of my sister Wannett, and Dad ("Ikey"), and me.

Last, but not least, is me with hubby, Jonny. I'm tired and stuffed to the gills from that big meal!
I love my family very much. I cherish their support and their love, despite the fact that I can be loud and weird and bossy and a "know-it-all". But they love me anyways..... I think. Not every family has a close bond, but mine does.... so I truly am blessed beyond words.

I'm thankful that God gave me the best family in the world. And I didn't do a thing to deserve it.

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