Saturday, April 11, 2009

Newfoundland's Pitchforks and Orange Juice

Or should I say "New-fn-LAN"..... That's the proper pronunciation.

Blake, our oldest son, was invited to go with my sister Danielle and her husband (Brent) and two children (Jackson & Abby) to Newfoundland for a holiday. Dani thought it would be a good opportunity for Blake to visit his future college in New Brunswick.

(Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...... "I" want to go to New-fn-LAN".......)

They left a week ago today and will return likely on Wednesday morning. I just got off the phone from them, and they sound like they're having a great time. They're staying with Brent's Mom and are having a good relaxing holiday.

Funny how certain areas use different terminology. Something was said about a pitchfork and Brent's Mom said, "What's a pitchfork?" So they explained it to her and then asked what SHE called it. Her response? "Depends how many prongs it has".

I've only ever seen pitchforks with either five or three prongs, so I will be interested in knowing what the names of these forks are.

Then apparently Danielle said she made a comment, not realizing that Blake had orange juice in his mouth. Well, Blake choked. The orange juice came back up, even expelling from his nose. Dani said she was flat out on the floor laughing her head off and trying to control herself from peeing her pants.

Guess ya had to be there. hahaha

So I don't have a lot of stories to tell yet until they get home. But I wanted them to know I am thinking about them. Doesn't sound like Blake wants to come home. I'm not too worried about him leaving home in late August.... I think he's ready for "greener pastures". He will love the East Coast. I am looking forward to visiting there myself..... if Blake lets me. ;o)

I hear the East Coast provinces are much like The County...and you just can't find anywhere better than that!

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badoo2 said...

Well it is a story for Springarama, I just don't think it will be as funny without Blake telling it with me.

It was very funny, my hubby even got us in trouble!! A 19 and 32 yr old in trouble, by a Newfie no less!! Can you imagine?

We had an awesome (yes Mich. I said the "A" word) time. I haven't laughed that much since........I was going to say Springarama last year, but I'm thinking now it was when I ran over the walking bird.......yes I said walking bird! It's all good, he didn't get hit with the tires, he was too busy walking under the van. You had to be there, right Michelle?

I'm rattling on now, must get some sleep!!