Thursday, April 16, 2009

JUSTIN ~ We Miss You

It has been one week today since Justin headed home. He returned to celebrate Easter with his family and has made the decision to try and find employment closer to his home, which is 'a couple-hours drive' from here.... (please don't mind the Coun'y talk).

I miss him already.........

And so does Jon.........

For Jon, it's like he's lost his own little "puppy-dog".

The two of us have been wandering around moping for a week now. (But we're getting better, Justin....don't let it go to your head! hahaha)

Justin had traits of all three of our own kids:

He had Blake's easy, calm, relaxed attitude.... not getting upset or excited about too much, just taking life in stride.

He had Jake's work ethics.... a strong, consistent, hard-working, 'put-your-all-into-it' fellow.

He had Jared's sense of humour..... always coming out with some comment that would split your gut; and it was always in such a dry manner.... you never knew if he was serious or not!

This kid impressed me. You know why? He took his hat off at the table. That speaks VOLUMES!!!! (Good job, Susan!)

I miss him.

What's made this doubly hard is the fact that Blake had not returned from Newfoundland when Justin left. Two birdies out of the nest at the same time.... that was tough for me.

(By the way, Blake returned home safely on Wednesday, along with his Uncle Brent, Aunt Danielle, Jackson & Abby.... thank you for travelling mercies, Lord.)

Justin is much like me, in that he grew up listening to the "old" country music. Here's a tune that will always remind me of Justin..... little bit of a story behind it, but that's between Justin, me, Jon, & Keith.

When I tried to download the video, it said that the embedding has been "disabled by request", so I'm not able to post the video box. However, you should be able to watch it via YouTube when you

The video should be Johnny Cash singing Sixteen Tons. I, myself, grew up hearing Jimmy Dean sing it, but ol' Johnny-Boy is pretty good too...... :O)

Hope you like it, Dooley.

Did I mention that we miss him???


[bigger sigh]

I miss him.

Looking forward to your next visit to Th' Coun'y, Justin.
And you can't get rid of us that easily either.... we'll be up your way one day to check up on you and spend some time with you and your family.

And in case you didn't know...........we miss you.


Janna said...

You're killing me with the last couple of posts, Michelle!!! I gotta go do something to cheer me-self up. Let's see . . . I could use a GNO craft night . . . hmmm . . . guess that isn't possible . . . um . . . I know . . . I'll just scroll down and reread some of your other posts - you've got some funny zingers in here too. I'll look for that one about the Maple Leafs and that terrible finger picture you posted.
(Did I make you smile? It worked for me!)
In all honesty, I've enjoyed being able to keep up with you through the blog over this last while - the highs AND the lows. Thanks for writing!!!
Oh, and I know you had promised a blog entry tomorrow that will be on the teary side, but I do want to read that too. It's important to remember, even if it hurts!

Michelle said...

Rats! I left a comment and then it disappeared!

Janna, yes, you DID make me laugh.

I promise to write a happy post on the weekend, just for YOU.

Sorry I've been on a downer.... been a rough week. Tomorrow will be difficult as well.... knowing what a hard day it will be for Taimi.

AND we just found out a few minutes ago that our friend, Harold, who just had heart surgery in Sudbury, did not do as well as doctors had anticipated he would. So, now we're worried. (I know, we shouldn't worry).

But God is still on the throne and He has a plan...... for me, for Harold, for Taimi, for Justin, for ALL of us. I just have to keep learning to trust Him....... completely........

OK, so teary-eyed post for Friday, and happy post on the weekend. I'm on it.