Thursday, April 9, 2009

Harold & "Uncle" Justin - Prayer & Praise

It's a prayer and praise night!

My prayer and praise are for:
- Harold, our friend
- Justin's (our "adopted son") nephew

Harold -

We found out last night that Jon's long-time and very good friend, Harold, suffered a heart attack. My praise is for the fact that Harold survived this attack. Thank you, Lord.

According to our friend, Mikey, Harold wasn't feeling well on Wednesday (?) and apparently drove himself to the hospital from Mattawa to North Bay. When it was discovered that he was experiencing a heart attack, he was immediately put into a helicopter and flown to a hospital in Sudbury. My praise is that they took this situation seriously and got him quickly to Sudbury.

(How was the ride in the chopper, Harold?)

Jon talked to Harold tonight by phone and Harold indicated that by the middle of this coming week, he will undergo quadruple heart bypass surgery. (Apparently Harold didn't time this well with the celebration of the Easter holiday..... so they're holding off the surgery until next week.....)

Please pray for Harold. It will drive him nuts sitting in that hospital doing nothing.

(Harold, leave the pretty nurses alone!)

Jon and I are hoping to travel to Sudbury, possibly Saturday, to visit him.

Please pray that Harold will get some relief from some of the pain he is currently experiencing. Pray that he doesn't get too antsy in there. Pray that the surgery goes well and that he gets a really good doctor who'll look after him. Harold needs to be covered by a body of Believers, so would you all please pray for him as a favour to me? Jon and I would greatly appreciate it.

Justin (Uncle Dooley) -

We just received word tonight that Justin is officially an uncle!..... Uncle Dooley.... hahahaha. My praise is that Baby Logan was born! A new baby in the world! Wa-hoo. Thank you, Jesus!

(Time to buy a baby fishing rod, Uncle Dooley!)

I don't know all the details yet..... My instructions to Justin were to call me immediately when he became an uncle and that he should ensure he had all the details (You know, ladies....we like to know the name, time, weight, hours of labour, etc. Guys just don't get that, eh?)

Anyways, Dooley called me so quickly after the birth that he didn't even find out the details. hhahahaa. That's ok. At least he called me. So I'm praisin' because Logan has arrived, and I'm praisin' because Dooley and Brayden are uncles, Chantelle & Jesse are parents, and Terry & Susan are Grandpa and Grandma. Congratulations to the whole family!

And so I'm asking that you please pray for this new babe. Pray for Chantelle's body as she recupes from delivery. Pray for God's hand on this new little boy, Logan. Again, I would SO appreciate you lifting up this entire family to the Lord.

So, a blessing to Harold and to Justin's nephew:

The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you, and give you peace. The Lord be gracious to you, the Lord turn His face towards you, and give you peace.... forever.


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