Saturday, April 18, 2009

Things You Don't Say To Your Wife

This post is dedicated to my friend, Janna. She says that I've been on a 'downer' lately with my posts and she had to go back and read some of the older ones in order to get a chuckle. So I looked at the last number of posts, and yes, it's been a rough couple of weeks.

Blake was visiting Newfoundland,
Justin returned to his home,
Harold had heart surgery,
no visits lately from Billy,
a reminder of Hurricane Katrina,
a shortage of French Vanilla creamer......

Then, of course, I wanted to remember Kristen and Rachel yesterday.

Yep...... it's been a rough go of it lately.

Soooooo...... we'll do a "slight shift" today and I'll post something that I watched quite a while ago and thought was very funny.

I thought it'd be quite appropriate since Jon's and my 20th Wedding Anniversary is approaching (May 13th, to be exact!). So many marriages just aren't surviving anymore; 20 years seems quite monumental these days. My maternal grandparents made it to 67 years! I likely won't even LIVE that long, let alone be married that many years! But I guess I can give 'er a whirl. What ELSE have I got to do? ....... [insert smirk here]

Anyways, I believe our marriage has survived because these are some things that Jon has NOT said to me:

Hahahahhaaha..... funny guy. Nice to be able to listen to a nice clean Christian comedian.

Maybe I'll post a few more of his comedy routines this week.... just to keep Janna content. hahahahhaa.

(Thanx for the kick in the butt, girlfriend)

Have a great weekend, everyone.

1 comment:

Janna said...

Mission accomplished!
I giggled and laughed and smiled through the last two videos.
And I'm inspired to write my own song now...
"Things you don't say to your man"
Thanks, Michelle --- you're the best!