Monday, April 6, 2009

For Tammie - The American Anthem

I have always LOVED the American Anthem...the harmonies in that song just send chills up my spine. I've always had it memorized, right along with our Canadian Anthem. It's a beautiful song. (Blake tells me that the part about the "bombs bursting in air" are apparently Canadian bombs....I did not know that! Sorry about bombing you, American friends).

I have heard many people and groups sing it, my favourite being The Isaacs, of course.

Today I viewed this version from The Cactus Cuties. How adorable.

So, I'm sending this out for my "sister" Tammie in Eugene, Oregon, USA. This woman has helped keep me sane for almost three years now. She was definitely sent from the Lord. I soon am going to dedicate a complete blog post to her, telling you all a bit about our relationship. I'm sure God will arrange for us to meet one day.....

(SOON, right Tammie?)

In the meantime, I wanted to post this anthem and felt it appropriate to dedicate it to her.

Tammie, I love you so much. You know you are like a sister to me. I value our friendship. We "saved each other's lives", and I will be forever grateful.

Ladies & Gentlemen, The Cactus Cuties.........

Adorable, eh?

I LOVE harmonies, and these little girls are soooooooo yummy. To read more about them, go to the March 2009 issue of and check out their story.

And for those of us in Canada....well, Lord, we ask "God keep our land, glorious and free....", but we also ask for it to be kept a little dryer....we've experienced enough rain and would welcome the arrival of Mr. Sun. Thanks, Lord.

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