Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fashion: Camouflage or Fur?

I don't know HOW many times I've left the house wondering "WHAT am I gonna wear today? What is in style this week? Camouflage or Fur ????"

I'm SURE it's a question that each of you ask yourself EVERY DAY!

[snicker, snicker]

Justin is such a strange funny boy. Last week, my sister Danielle picked me up and we were headed to my friend Victoria's house for a Norwex party. On my way to grab my coat, Justin says, "Why don't you wear my Camo (camouflage) coat?" I looked at him, and he smiled and said, "I DARE YA!"

What is UP with this kid? Does he not know that you don't DARE me?

And can he not come up with something a little more daring than wearing a coat???

"I'll accept your dare, and I'll even wear the Camo HAT!" I grabbed the coat and his hat, which nicely complemented the black sparkly scarf I already had placed around my neck, and I headed out the door! But NOT before I shouted back to him, "OK, but Danielle and I will be coming up with a dare for YOU! Be prepared!"

This is me in complete "Camo" attire, accented with a shimmering formal black scarf.

I had to get my photo taken with my friend, Victoria, just to prove to Justin that I actually DID wear the outfit into her home. Sweetie, it takes WAY more than an ol', ripped, dead-squirrel-and-bear-smelling camouflage coat to embarrass ME.

Well, on the way home, Dani and I were discussing ideas as to how I could return the dare. Danielle actually came up with a good idea; however, I am not at liberty to discuss that on the blog. (SHAME on you Danielle! Potty-mouth).

After scratching Danielle's idea, I thought, "What latest fashion attire could I dress Justin in?" Didn't take me long to think of 'Barbie' and 'Ivan'.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the ever-elegant Justin .....

Today, Justin is dressed in Michelle's Blue Platinum Raccoon full-length coat. Complementing the outfit is Jake's Rabbit-skin hat with ear muffs.

The coat's name is "Barbie", named after my late mother-in-law, Barbara, who I inherited the coat from. The hat's name is "Ivan Rabbit-skin-hat-o-vich", appropriately named by the Wierstra/Kuipers family, who Jake works for.

I not only made him wear this, but he hadn't yet met my sister, off to Wannett's we go. (Oh yah, he took an ol' cowboy gun out of our Tickle Trunk (costume bin) because he looked like a pimp! Too bad my Lincoln was in the shop getting it's heater core replaced (thank you, TJ in Toledo, Ohio, for your mechanical tips!) ....would've made for a great photo!)

Then to top it off on the way home, we took him to Danielle's house to meet my brother-in-law, Brent. Poor guy. I embarrassed him good.

NOW the boy should feel right at home! I'm sure he's happy to know that we're all just as crazy as HE is! hahahhaa Maybe even a bit more.......heavy on the 'maybe'.

Dooley, you're a good sport. But don't be wearin' Barbie when you're paint-balling!!!! That's an order!


badoo2 said...

I have NO IDEA what you are talking about. ME with "potty mouth"? You can't prove that I said was just you and me in the van, sista!


badoo2 said...

Alright, I'll fess up, I did have potty mouth, but Mich you must admit, it was a pretty good idea. I'm almost sure that we would have won that bet!! Of course I wouldn't want to see it actually happen.

NO you cannot post it on your blog, and sorry blog followers if you weren't at Vic's Norwex party, you'll never know!!!


Ann-Marie said...

um,i dont see a gun in his hand, i see BEER

Janna said...

first: wow - what a coat

second: wow - what a hat

third: i see beer too (is this something we should warn you about like the big middle finger picture?)

fourth: your kitchen is super-clean. i want counters that look like that.

fifth: i don't understand why danielle is "fessing" up. i have a potty mouth too - mary is doing fairly well with her potty and if i didn't use potty words she wouldn't know what i was talking about. that's what you mean, right?


badoo2 said...

Yes, Janna. That's EXACTLY what I mean.........hehehehe

p.s. It's really Michelle's beer, she made Dooley hang on it!!!

Just joking..........or am I?

No, I'm joking

Michelle said...

Hardy-Har-Har....aren't you all just a bunch of comedians!

Just to keep everyone straight, the gun was in his pocket.

I DID post this picture with beer; and, again, just to keep things straight, I did NOT post the "finger" on the Hockey Night in Canada post.

One beer is Justin's and the other is Jon's. It was NOT MY beer. I personally hate the taste of beer. They wanted me to hold one, but I refused (didn't want to start the "Michelle's an alcoholic" rumour), so Justin held them both!

Kitchen counter is clean because I had JUST finished the dishes. In this photo, you cannot see the pile of paperwork on the other countertop.

And just to confirm, Danielle has a really bad potty mouth, not the "Mary-go-on-the-potty" kind, and I believe she's having a bad influence on me.

Does that clear things up for everyone?

Michelle said...

Just to make one more thing clearer...... ahahhahaaahaa..... ummmm, your reference to the kitchen counters MAY be referring to Victoria's, which are the first two photos with orange countertops.

MY countertop is in the last photo and is white.

But I must say that both of us had pretty tidy kitchens! This is a rare thing in my home, folks! :O)

Now, is there anything else I should clear up? I'm sure there'll be something else that I'll need to explain, since I tend to put the whole shoe store in my mouth from time to time. hahahaha