Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wearin' Orange for STELLAN

Tuesday I dressed in orange.....and for good reason.

I brought Stellan to Picton, Ontario, Canada.

I'm not even going to try and tell you Stellan's whole story, because I would never repeat it correctly; however, I'll give you a short version. (If you want the whole story, her blog site is My Charming Kids).

Baby Boy, named Stellan, was in womb diagnosed with heart problem. His mom, blogger name = MckMama, kept friends and family up to date by blogging and asking for prayer for their unborn child for God to heal him.

Then a link was created and people were sending photos of his name written out in many different ways from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Fast forward.

Baby Stellan was born. All was well. Parents knew that as Stellan grew older, heart issues would need to be dealt with; however, all appeared to be well at point of birth.

Fast forward a few months (five?). Around the middle of March 2009, Stellan's heart continued to be in something called SVT (rapid rhythm of the heart and something to do with it's electrical signal). He was hospitalized in Minnesota immediately.

So of course, the prayers for this babe begin again, and his name circles the globe again.

And every day they're adding more pics. Click HERE and check out these photos from around the world.

So last week he was flown to a Children's Hospital in Boston where doctors were looking at his very unique situation. They decided to do surgery Tuesday, April 21st. Someone set up a new gmail address and asked everyone to wear orange for Stellan and to send in their photos.

So, I decided to join the orange group supporting Stellan. Click HERE for some amazing orange photos.

MckMama cannot believe the support she has received from so many people around the world. When they arrived in Boston, there were signs everywhere that welcomed Stellan to Boston. She's been on the news and in the papers.

She is always mentioning the Lord and keeping Him in the centre of this whole "nightmare". She has certainly had her "at-the-end-of-her-rope" moments; but she's also experienced God's peace. She has released Stellan to the Lord's care and direction and wants to accept whatever the Lord decides.

Anyways, if you have the time, check out Stellan's photos. (As of 12:40am April 22, my photo has not yet made it on the Orange Site; however, I'm expecting that it will take literally days for the person to download all the photos.)

And FYI, my sister Danielle was wearing orange as well..... I love how she listens to her big sister!

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