Monday, April 27, 2009

I Don't Do Ups! / Get Outta The Line!!!

Happy Spring-like Monday everyone!

The sun is shining in the southern end of Prince Edward County.... I see my daffodils blooming on the edge of my woods, a pretty pink flower has bloomed in one of my flower beds (sorry, I don't know it's name.... it's one of many from my late mother-in-law's garden), and the tulips should be out very soon! The beautiful blue 'forget-me-nots' will soon be out as well. They, too, were from Jon's Mom's garden and I look forward to them every year in memory of her.

(Miss you, Mom!)

I returned home late yesterday afternoon from a well-deserved weekend get-away with some ladies from my church. It was a women's conference held in Kingston, Ontario, and I know there was well over 300 women.

Spent the weekend listening to speakers and taking in workshop seminars and worshipping in music with a group from Prince Edward County called Trinity, who I'm proud to say just happen to be friends of mine! (Jeanette, Kim, & Renie: Your gift of music was a blessing to all of us. The harmonies in your trio (ahem, quartet.... including the Lord) were fabulous. I'm so glad you were there. Thank you for your ministry.)

Here's a couple of links to Trinity.
Trinity - Bios
Trinity - Upcoming Performances

One of the hi-lights is always staying with friends in the hotel room. YES, we behaved tried to be on our best behaviour. Once I download some photos, I'll do a "Springarama" post about our weekend.

In the meantime, I thought it would be funny to post a couple of videos of some quotes that my friends Ann-Marie & Donna often repeated throughout the weekend.

I don't do ups!

Get outta the line!

(Sorry for, and please excuse, one little cuss word in "Get outta the line" video.)

These are comedy videos by John Pinette. Enjoy.

So, folks, kindly have your order or coupons ready the next time you're in line. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to defy the law of gravity. I don't usually like to "do ups" myself, but I need to get up outta this chair and get something accomplished today.

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Janna said...

LOVE John Pinette! So very funny!!!!!!!!!!