Sunday, April 12, 2009

Update on Harold

Jon spoke with his friend, Harold, last night. Harold is our friend from Mattawa who experienced a heart attack this past week and is awaiting surgery.

Sudbury Regional Hospital

Harold confirmed that a few tid-bits of information we received are inaccurate.

Apparently he did NOT go to North Bay hospital. He was air-lifted from his own community's hospital in Mattawa. Mattawa's hospital does not have a helicopter landing, so Harold said after spending about seven hours at the hospital, they took him to a nearby pit where a helicopter was brought in to fly him to Sudbury.

He told Jon, "Gee, I thought they were gonna take me out back and SHOOT me!" hahaha.

Also, it will not be a quadruple bypass, but rather a triple bypass. I guess he has five blockages. (This info is coming to me via Jon..... I would understand it better if I spoke to Harold directly.)

Harold is weak but still has his humour. He told Jon he wished he'd had the surgery on Thursday or Friday so he could be like Jesus and rise from the dead on Easter. Hope that comment doesn't offend any of you. If you knew Harold, you would appreciate how clean that comment was! hahahaha. [wink-wink, Harold]

Jon did some checking on the internet and this hospital is pretty top-notch in the heart area; so we feel Harold is in good hands.

Please, please, please, take a few minutes and pray for our friend. He is very special to Jon. These guys all come across as rough and tough, but these truckdrivers are all a pretty tight family. Sometimes on the road, all they have is each other. Jon values Harold's friendship and, I think, is more worried about his buddy than he's leading me to believe.

The older we get, the more we treasure our relationships with our family and close friends.

I hope you are spending this Easter holiday with your family and dear friends.

But above all, I hope you are sharing it with someone who will always be a true friend to you.....

Jesus Christ.

He is risen. He is risen indeed.

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