Friday, April 10, 2009

Just Drive! / Get Out! / Don't Play With Fire / Rachel's Tarts

Just Drive!

Jared commandeers Justin's truck with Justin's own gun.

Get Out!

Matthew made a smart comment one evening while I was driving him home. I jokingly said, "You wanna walk, Mister?" And HE said, "I DARE you to make me walk!"

[Friendly reminder: You DON'T dare me!]

I pulled the truck over and told him to get out and start walking. Jared is pushing him out.

After eating some "humble pie", he got back in the truck. Matt, you're one crazy kid.

Don't Play With Fire

Parents: We teach our children, "Don't play with fire!" And then, you have a "Justin" visit....and things change.

Justin showed the boys how to have Lighter Races. The short story version is: Light the bottom of a lighter on fire and stand BEHIND the lighter....not in front. As the lighter gets hotter, pressure builds. Then the lighter POPS and shoots off into infinity and beyond. It was working good until we started taking photos.... then we must've run into some "dud" lighters and they kinda just exploded in front of us.

[Goodness Gracious!]

Dooley (Justin) starts one on fire while Matt tries to sneak up on him. (Gudrun, got Matt's health card handy?)

Start the lighter......

The lighter gets hot.....

And hotter......

And even hotter......

Bigger flames.....

Holding our breath at this point......

She's gonna blow..........

And....... mission failure. It's a simple burn-out. No rocket launch. Could've just roasted marshmallows over THIS one.

Then we ran out of lighters. "Show's over, folks!"
Rachel's Tarts
Justin might only be 19, but he knows the way to my heart already. We were coming home from Belleville, and Justin had to make a quick stop at the convenience store. He came back out with Rachel's Tarts.... for ME! (And, yes, I DID share....) Kid's got a good memory. I had casually mentioned the week before how no tarts (with the exception of homemade) can compare with Rachel's. So he bought me some. He won me over right then and there.
So I HAD to get a photo......I didn't even get to eat the last tart..... but that first one was ooooooooooh soooooooooo delicioussssssssssssssss. Thanx, Dooley.

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