Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Springarama 2009


It arrived.
We were there.
Now it's over.
It will be back.
We will be there.

Another enjoyable year with "the girls".

Did we behave?
Of course..... well...... mostly.....

So, YES, the answer would be YES.

Friday to Sunday we experienced music and worship with Trinity, we received God's Word from Hilary Price, we went to workshop seminars, (some of us signed up for R&R, but if we didn't want to do that, we just rested and relaxed..... HAHAHAHAHA.... sorry, that was an old inside joke in memory of our dear late friend Kerry.... she still makes us laugh from Heaven!), we ate and drank coffee and ate and drank coffee and ate and drank coffee......, we laughed, we cried, we laughed some more, we required frequent visits to the Ladies Room..... (Donna!)....

All in all, we had a great time. Seven ladies went this year (from our church) and we had the pleasure of initiating two gals, Jan & Sally. Hope we didn't scare you off from future Women's Retreats.

I am pleased to show you some of our photos. I am a little more brave than Ann-Marie.... posting some "questionable" photos; HOWEVER, that being said typed, I do still have some on my computer that will not reach the blog. (I know you are thanking me, girls. You're welcome.)

Let's start off with a group shot of the seven of us with Trinity.
Back - Jan, Chris, Danielle, Ann-Marie, Donna, Sally, Michelle
Front - Jeanette, Renie, & Kim (also known as Trinity)

Trinity led our Praise & Worship time. Three spectacular voices, each distinctly different, with an AMAZING trio blend of harmonies. Actually, they're a quartet because the Lord is with them.

Here are "the girls" at one of our tables in the conference room.

Out for supper at Moxie's. We did NOT check in with each other to see who was wearing what..... just so happened that browns and blacks were what Renie, Danielle, and I chose!

Ma Critter put in an appearance this year. She looks younger, doesn't she? Maybe it's that age-defying perfume she received at Springarama. On second thought, she is looking older...... check out that middle-aged spread. Thanks, Sue!

Ma Critter got up on stage during some fun time on Saturday night and told a few jokes. I think next year, some people will remember to wear their Depends.... eh Donna???????

Ma LOVES Linda. Ma gave her the "stamp-of-approval kiss" on her forehead. Linda, you should move to Picton.

For security reasons and the well-being of others, we are not able to disclose information about the following photos:

Nope, sorry. Don't ask. I can't hurt "the innocent". The unidentified lingerie and woman in the window is completely top secret in nature. You wanna know? Ask the Lord. If He tells you, then that's fine. But you won't get it out of the Springarama girls. What HAPPENS at Springarama, STAYS at Springarama.

One lady at Saturday's fun night got us up to "shake our booty". Here's Kim and Sally.

And here's Ann-Marie, Danielle, & Chris.

At about 11am Sunday, it was time for us to depart. Some had to head home.... (Donna, are you checking your pulse to see if you're still alive?)

and some got to stay in Kingston for the afternoon. Sally spent the afternoon with her parents while Dani, Annie, and I shopped and visited my dear friends John & Brigitte. (Hi John & Brigitte & "Baby" & Cara, Leta, & Bosa!... thanks for tea time!)
After loading up the car, we took a little 'ride'. Everyone should take the opportunity to ride the cart back into the lobby. Keeps ya young at heart. Chris, the look on your face is absolutely priceless.

Thanks, ladies, for a wonderful weekend. Those of you who couldn't make it this year, we anticipate you joining us for some fun and laughter next year. I truly cherished this well-needed weekend.

Springarama 2010......... we're already gearin' up!


badoo2 said...

Is it wrong to want Springaram 2010 already? I really think we should leave on a Thursday next year!!!

Love all you Springarama girls :O}

Janna said...

I read a while ago.
I envied.
I returned to blog today.
I read again.
I envied again.
No more reading "Springarama" posts for me.