Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Becoming a City Girl

Yes, I know.....

I haven't blogged since Sunday.


Remember Sunday's post called Runnin' on Fumes? Well, I'm still runnin'. But I let Jon do the driving.

Monday morning we headed to Whitby to get Jon's passport ordered. We get all the way up there, the lady takes one look at his birth certificate and says, "We have a problem."

Really? WHY does THAT not surprise me????? We ARE a Murphy's Law family, you know.

With Jon carrying his birth certficate in his wallet for so long, the edges frayed and it caused two of the numbers to literally dissipate. He also carries a photocopy, which showed all numbers clear, but the lady would not accept it. Even comparing every other detail on the certificate to the photocopy, she wouldn't accept it. She said, "You'll have to get a new birth certificate. You can order it online and have it in five days".

So we drove all the way back home (for those of you not from around here, Whitby is a 2-hour car ride... one way!), and we checked it out online.

Basically the online application asked every question including "what colour of underwear are you wearing today?" I mean... REALLY..... do you need so much information to simply replace a damaged certificate? We're not applying for a new one, for crying out loud.

Then the online directions said that if there were any concerns on the application, then the government officials would waive the 5-day agreement and your certificate could take weeks to get to you.

Uhhhhh.... hello?.... we don't HAVE weeks.... Jon needs his passport in order to cross the U.S. border. (Jon is planning on returning to the world of trucking at the beginning of November. He's so excited!)

So Jon said, "We're farther ahead to just drive up to Bay Street in Toronto to the Service Ontario office and fill out the application there."

So baaaaack up to Toronto today.

Well, it's a good thing we did just that because we were blessed to have a really nice fellow assist us. First he said we had to get a letter from an employer explaining WHY we needed the certificate so fast. When we said we were self-employed, he asked where we were from. When we said, "Picton", he kindly said, "fill out the application and come back here to me and we'll get it processed for you".

Thanks, Lord, for giving us the nice guy!

So we filled out the application that asked a bunch of questions in which we were not sure of the answers (Thanks, brother Dane, for your assistance on parents' birth cities). We paid our $35 birth certificate replacement fee as well as an extra $30 for shipping the certificate by the end of the week (seems to me that the nice gentleman could've waived the $30 "speed-up" fee, seein' we wuz Coun'y folk 'n all....)

Oh well. Whatever.

So hopefully the certificate will come in by Friday and then we'll drive up to the Big Smoke AGAIN to get the passport ordered. Then late NEXT week we'll drive up again to pick up the passport....

.... hopefully......

So, all I've done is ride around in that car for three days!!!!

And unfortunately, my body seems to have crashed after the adrenaline rush I've had the last number of weeks concerning Blake, and I've been battling a migraine and nausea on Sunday, Monday, and today. It's slooooowly subsiding now. I fell asleep on the couch tonight and had a good nap. My darling husband gave me a foot rub (oh I love foot rubs soooo much) and that helped me relax. Then the phone rang after 10 o'clock (Hi Mikey-the-nice-guy) and I was wide awake.

So I figured since I'm up, I'd better write a few words so that y'all don't think I haven't been writing because there's a new problem with Blake. He, in fact, is feeling wonderful. Said he's never felt better in over a year. He's been staying with my parents since Sunday and having a really nice visit.

I was so glad to hear that for the last two days, his bowel movements have become firmer. hahahahhaa. Sorry to "gross you out", but this is a very important detail, folks. After having diarrhea all summer long, and then passing a lot of blood for most of September, I am THRILLED to write that things are improving. Not sure BLAKE appreciates me writing about it, but.... whatever. Get over it, Blake. Wait 'til I start posting the naked baby pictures........

OK, it's almost midnight..... I need to get to bed. Just wanted to give you all something "interesting" to read. Guess I failed. hahahha.


S said...

Continue to rest, girl! And three cheers for firmer potty!!! Yeahhh!! I love it!

Lynda Westervelt said...

it doesn't sound as though you've come all the way back 'down' yet, michelle....take it easy and make sure you don't 'crash' too hard.... i am so happy and thankful that things are going well with blake.... your family will remain in our prayers..... God works in mysterious ways.... ;-)