Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/10/11

(I started this post over an hour ago! In between helping out here with Ron & Don, our roomies, I've taken forever to get this post typed, I still haven't eaten the chips, and I haven't watched any tv. Think I'd better just go to bed.... looks like another long night!)

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Today has been another good day as far as Blake's health is concerned. He has more strength, has good colour, is walking faster than I've seen him walk in a long time, and he is looking forward to heading home.

Jon showed up this morning to take me to the truckstop for a shower, and then he spent most of the day with us. He and I had a turkey supper in the cafeteria with all the fixins.... turkey, mashed spuds, dressing, mixed veggies, and gravy. For some reason it wasn't very hot, so we ended up tossing it in the microwave. I think it tasted pretty good for cafeteria food; however, it just isn't the same as my own Mom's cookin'.

Last night was a pretty rough night. Our roomy, Ron, was pretty active ALL night long. He even had a fall through the night, which resulted in his I.V. being yanked out...youch! I was a little perturbed because, when it happened, I had Blake ring for the nurse while I headed to make sure Ron was OK. I got him sitting on the bed and in the meantime I was yelling the nurse's name. I yelled multiple times and she did not come to our calls, nor anyone else. I was a little miffed. How can anyone not hear someone at 5am in a quiet hospital calling for help!? FINALLY, she came through the door. In my unexpert nursing opinion, I was not impressed with how she cared for Ron through the evening.

Although I volunteered to keep an eye on him, I think something or someone should've been set in place to watch him, either constantly or else in maybe ten-minute intervals. One time I looked out and she was just at the desk chatting and tee-heeing with some guy that I assume was a male nurse. Ron could've really hurt himself, and if I hadn't have been watching him, who knows WHERE in the hospital he might have ended up. I rudely (and most un-Christian-like) wanted to say, "Excuse me, missy, but do you think you can get your hiney in here and help this poor man rather than sit and giggle with your he-man at the desk????"

...... but.... I didn't.

...... but.... I really wanted to.

Tonight he has a more attentive nurse and I really wish she was on last night. (I jokingly told her I was taking the night off, and she yelled back, "NO WAY!!!!" hahaha) She IS, however, here tonight and I'm thankful for that, because Ron is not going to have another good night. He was a tad better today, but as the sun started setting, he became more confused again and very active and jittery. His wife has been with him for part of the afternoon and all evening. She wasn't even called to be informed of his condition.

The nurse who came on shift this morning said there is nothing in the records that he fell. I think last night's nurse is perhaps NOT to be included in my comments of the amazing nursing staff here. I hope she is not assigned to this room for the rest of our stay!

The nurses are still working with Ron as I type. There seems to be some more medical stuff going on with him. I hope they get it straightened out because he, and his wife, are just sweethearts.

Don, the other roomy, is just as wirey and comical as ever. He's had me laughing all day. He keeps waiting for the dancing girls to show up. hahahaha. Earlier this afternoon there were visitors in the room and he thought maybe we were all having a game of craps and he wanted to join in.

Our other roomy's name is James and he pretty much keeps to himself. I feel bad that he couldn't experience our Room-641-Club before things went haywire.

Well, I'm gonna close and watch a bit of tv. I went to the vending machine and got a bag of chips and a rootbeer. For the most part, I've been eating pretty healthy in here, and I think I deserve a little treat (Salt & Vinegar chips...Mmmmmm). (Well, I must be honest and say that I did have some fish and some fries the other day.... and Dani brought me a couple cans of Pepsi.... but other than that, it's been pretty healthy eating. How come I'm not losing weight???)

So, best turkey wishes to all of you. Enjoy your celebrations.

And be thankful for what you have, because you already have all you need.

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