Monday, October 12, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/10/12

hahahaha... I was just typing the date in the title, and I had to stop and think, "What YEAR is it? 2010?..." hahahahha

With two slightly confused gentlemen in the room, one of the questions the doctors or nurses will ask them is, "Do you know what year it is?" This morning Don thought it was 1999 and Ron thought it was 2010. Now "I" am questioning what year it is!!!! hahaha

I have an ever-so-slight headache this afternoon, but it seems to be making me a little on the dizzy side. (I said DIZZY, not DITZY!..... then again, I DID wonder what year it is.......)

OK, OK.... so I'm dizzy AND ditzy today!!!!

Ol' Ron had a terrible night again. The nurse ended up putting him in a big reclining chair and keeping him out near the desk. That meant I was able to sleep a little more peacefully last night without feeling the need to hover over Ron. They brought him back in around 5am and he seemed to be sleeping for the first time in three days. When the day nurse was doing vitals this morning, she kept calling Ron's name and he wouldn't respond. I noticed he was breathing, but he definitely wasn't responsive. They pulled the curtain and someone else came in. A few moments later he was wide awake. I saw them doing something to his arm, so if they weren't drawing blood, I'm wondering if they gave something to counter-act the drugs he has in his system which instantly "brought him to".

I remember them having to do something like that with Jon's Mom with her cancer medications. Sometimes she had so much pain medication in her, she was given Narcan to bring her out of her non-responsive state. So I'm wondering if that's what they did with Ron. Then again, I do recall they had taken his I.V. out for the night, so perhaps when they were putting the line back in, he woke up when the needle stuck him! A needle entering your arm is sure an effective way to wake you up!
He's still a little confused today, but no where NEAR like the last two nights. Unfortunately the nurse said sometimes they get worse (confused, agitated) when the sun goes down..... we've only got a little more time before sunset.

His dear wife brought me a present today. It's a little pewter angel that you clip to a zipper. She wanted to thank me for caring for Ron. It has certainly been my pleasure, because he's such a sweetheart. She didn't have to get me anything, but I surely appreciate her gift and will think of her and Ron every time I use it! Here's a picture of one that I found on the internet that's similar.

Not much to report on ol' "toothpick legs" who is sitting beside me. Blake most DEFINITELY has my Grandma Fraser legs. "Beulah-legs" is what I should be calling him. My Dad has the same legs. When they sit cross-legged, they can wrap their legs like a pretzel! My legs are too fat for that sort of nonsense! hahaha

Anyways, his health is still improving with each day. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have the blood test results from Ottawa. I'm sure we already know all we need to, but I will feel better knowing that they've checked him out thoroughly.

No word yet as to what day we go home. Blake is getting anxious, but I'll feel better when he starts putting some meat on his bones.

I hope you're all turkeyed-out from the Thanksgiving festivities. I'm already hearing "complaints" from folks that they ate too much at their Thanksgiving meal. You'll all have to run extra laps tomorrow to burn off those extra calories! haha.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend, folks.

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Carolyn said...

Hi there, Michelle & Blake
I read your blog every day & am SOOOO happy that you are feeling some better Blake.
Sounds like your Mom is a pretty good nurse looking after All the guys in your room.You should get your nurses papers after all this Michelle.Hope all these " bags " of good food you're getting puts some meat on those bones.
I would gladly give you some of mine.
You are always in our prayers Love carolyn