Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/10/15 and A Note For Stacey

Hi gang

Sorry I didn't update yesterday.... "someone" hogged the computer until quite late. (Hint: BL*KE)

I'll give you a quick update on Blake, and then I have an ironic situation that involves a blog-follower named Stacey (Hi Stacey! How did "date night" go??? [snicker, snicker]).

So, here's the latest scoop on Blakey-boy.

Today the dietician weighed Blake and said he is 114.5 lbs. That seems a little high to me, but if it's accurate, it means he's gained seven pounds in two days! (That's a total of 12 lbs.! Wahoo! First weight gain in almost two years!)

We can't seem to fill him up. He eats what's on his tray and then when I head out to get MY breakfast, he wants me to bring another breakfast back for HIM!

Doctor Y has been in every day to see us, and he mentioned today that Blake's heart rate is still racing a bit and also that his white cell count has been up the last couple of days. He was just in again a few minutes ago and said that they are going to do an ECG (echocardiogram) tomorrow, just to check things out as to why his heart rate is a little high.

They also will keep an eye on his white cell count. If it is higher, then we will likely be spending a few more days here so that they can do another CT Scan to check to see if there is a perforation in the bowel. He says that is unlikely the case, but they want to make sure of these things before they release him. I told Doctor Y that I VERY much appreciate them checking into all this before they release him because I do NOT want to get him home and then have to turn right around to have him admitted again.

Now.... in saying that..... the bonus of Blake getting re-admitted again by next Friday is that he would then receive his second dose of Remicade ($ Cha-Ching $) at no cost because he is already admitted. But if they release him, we have to come up with some moo-lah to pay for Dose #2. I was talking to a lady today who is assisting us with some paperwork regarding the Remicade and she said she is going to contact the Company (I'm assuming she meant the manufacturers of Remicade) to see if they would give a Compassion dose. So, folks, git-a-prayin' that some official person at Remicade has a big heart!

As far as Blake's physical and mental state, he's doing well with lots of energy and is just itching to get home. We had some visitors again, one of them being my Mom, and she just couldn't believe the difference in Blake! She hadn't seen him for nine days, so she witnessed quite a difference today!

Before I go, there's another thing I wanted to tell you about.

On September 4th (before any diagnosis) I received a Comment on one of my blog posts from a woman named Stacey in Kansas. She indicated that she happened to come across my blog and was reading what I had been posting about Blake's medical symptoms.

She said that she was currently reading a book called The Maker's Diet by Jordan S. Rubin and that Jordan suffered from Crohn's Disease. Stacey said that many of the symptoms I had described were exactly what this author had experienced.

In the meantime, Blake was still getting some tests done and lots of bloodwork, and then had a colonoscopy scheduled for September 14th in Belleville. He was, at that time, diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. As you all know, Blake was immediately hospitalized and treatments began. His health improved and he was home for about ten days. Then we had that scare where he became unconscious and we had to call for an ambulance. Fast forward about thirteen days to yesterday (where we're still here in Kingston hospital).

Jon and Jared come for a visit. They hand Blake a book that Jon got from his friend Charlie who got it from his friend Gord whose son suffered from Crohn's disease many years ago. Guess what the book is....

drum roll, please......

The Maker's Diet by Jordan S. Rubin.

Same book as Stacey recommended six weeks ago!

And THEN.....

Tonight at supper time, Blake receives a call from his friend Travis. (Hi Travis!)

Travis is telling Blake that he'll likely pop by for a visit tomorrow and happens to mention that his aunt was telling him about a book that they thought might help Blake.

Any guesses on the title?

You've GOT it!..... The Maker's Diet.

So, I'm taking this as a sign that perhaps I'd better read this book. So thank you to Stacey.... and Charlie.... and Gord.... (& "Mrs. Gord).... and Travis... (& Travis' aunt). I got the hint! :O)

I was glancing through the book yesterday and saw the word "spelt" as an ingredient. I turned to the wife of one of the patients in the room and asked her what "spelt" was? She said it's an ancient grain. Now how on earth am I supposed to cook stuff that I don't even know what in tarnations it is!? The only time I use the word 'spelt' is if I've "spelt" something wrong. And even then, I usually say "spelled wrong", not "spelt wrong".

Anyways, enough about that! I likely won't use ALL those recipes in there (The little town of Picton doesn't likely sell food like that anyhow!); but at least I can see what this fellow has to say about the disease. I'm pleased that Rev. Charles Stanley wrote the forward because I respect his teachings, so I'm sure the author of the book must be a pretty decent fellow with a good head on his shoulders.

On one last note, please continue to pray for our roommate Ron. His problem with the meds has been straightened around and he's thinking clearly again (Thank You Lord!); however, today the doctors did not give him such good news on his physical health. Ron said they told him, "it's just a matter of time". I could've broke down, but because I was sitting at his side when he told me, I kept a grip. I chatted with his wife a little while ago and she confirmed that Ron was correct with what he told me. But she said that she herself has suffered with cancer twice and not received treatments and the cancer went away, so she is optimistic that the Lord will only take Ron when it's the right time, despite what any doctor says. That's the way to think, Joan!

Ron, Don, Blake & I are the only "club members" holding down this fort! We've had quite a few different fellows in the room with us.

First there was Paul, he got better and went home.

Then Frank came for a couple of days, then he headed home.

Third fellow was James. He was here from Saturday until yesterday. He was getting all perturbed because Don's bed alarm kept going off through the night when Don would get up to "go for a wee-wee", as Don puts it! Well, the nurse said she could try to get James another room, which they did. I was rather quite happy about that because Don doesn't need some young whipper snapper in here using the F-word every time the alarm goes off. For crying out loud, Don doesn't even like the alarm himself, but the nurses have to keep it activated so they know when Don gets out of bed so they can assist him to the "little boys room". Good thing James didn't have an I.V. hooked up or I might've went over while he was sleeping and kinked his I.V..... Either that, or a PILLOW over his head! I hope his new roomy shouts for the nurses all night!!

So then Bill comes to join our club last night. He'd been in the E.C.U. department since Saturday. And then this morning, HE heads home.

Late this afternoon, our newest roomy moved in. Guess what his name is?.... It's Don!

So Blake shares his room with Don, Ron, & Don. And when my hubby comes to visit, there's Don, Ron, Don, & Jon!!!! Oh brother.

Well, the helicopter is landing for at least the fifth time today. That's the most often it's landed in one day since we've been here. And I'm pretty sure I heard it land through the night as well, so, this place is a-movin' and a-shakin'.

Speakin' of movin' and shakin'..... I'd better do just that and close this post. I once again have rattled on too long and bored the death out of many of you.

I don't want to see Blake in here longer than he should be; however, please pray that if there is ANYTHING questionable about his health, that the doctors will leave him here until EVERYTHING is good. I don't want to take home a boy with an infection or heart rate problem only to fight to get him back in here. I'd rather stay until all is well. I'm trying to keep focussed on God having a plan in all of this. And I'm trying not to worry about the expenses and the mounds of paperwork I'll need to get done regarding our medical expenses. I was stewing about it earlier today, but then reminded myself that God is still on the throne. After kicking myself in the butt, I am feeling a bit less tense about things, but still have a way to go. Please pray that I am not apprehensive about anything we are going through.

Oh, and one last thing.... I PROMISE it's the last thing..... While you're praying for Blake and me and our roomy Ron, would you pray for a church friend, Dale? I saw her in the hospital lobby last night. Her doctor discovered a tumour in the back of her head. They sent her to Kingston immediately for further tests. She doesn't know at this point whether there'll be surgery or treatments or what! But she needs prayer. I believe she and her husband, Lee, have twenty seven children, all very young. Please pray for Dale as she goes through her valley. Pray she gets some fresh water and green grass.

OK. I promised that was the last paragraph. No more. I'm outta here. Finished. Done. Thanks for reading.



kkaci said...

Just so you know, the "little" town of Picton does carry most of those weird grains! And the roommate names ... roflol!!! So funny. Re: The Maker's Diet ... I've heard many good things also about Specific Carbohydrate diet for Crohn's etc., and it doesn't involve buying supplements. Perhaps TMD doesn't require them ... hopefully. Praying for our friend, and looking forward to getting Blake home :-).

S said...

If you need another copy of the book, I'd be happy to pass mine along! Just lemme know and I'll send it your way!
I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it. It was sort of overwhelming and loads of information. But very insightful at the same time. There are loads of testimonies for it. And I love that fresh water and green grass post! I linked to it one day and have read it a couple more times. Love it.