Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yee-Hawww! Wanna Hear Some Good News?

Simona is my new best friend!

Now, y'all must understand that my brain has been mush for a few weeks.... months..... (some are debating that it's been "years!").....

I have talked to many doctors and resident doctors and nurses and specialist's secretaries and hospital social workers...... so everything is a little jumbled, but I believe this is how things have happened.

Doctor D realizes that we are not covered under any medical benefits; Doctor D has nurse get in touch with a social worker at Kingston General Hospital; Social Worker brings us a form to get assistance from Ontario's Trillium program; Doctor D's secretary gets in touch with me; the secretary then gets me to contact a social worker at Hotel Dieu Hospital; Social Worker is aware that we need assistance and talks to me about Trillium. Knowing that we won't have paperwork done by the time Blake needs his next dose, and realizing that we just can't shell out thousands of dollars for treatment, she suggests an option of approaching the manufacturer to see if they will offer a "compassion dose" to Blake. (Me likey that option!)

Earlier this week one evening, I received a call from a lady in Toronto named Simona who, I assume, works for this manufacturer. She said the Social Worker had contacted her and, after she confirmed some information with me, she said she would email her manager to see if they could help us out.

Just a few moments ago, at 6:18pm, my phone rang and it was Simona. She said she just had to call me because of the good news!

She said Blake has been approved to receive a complimentary dose of Remicade!!!!!



Thank You, Jesus!!!!!!!!

Thank You, folks from Remicade!!!

I am sooo elated. I love you, Simona!

I'm pretty sure we will still have to come up with money for the following dose; but at least my boy will receive "the goods" this coming Thursday for FREE!

What a relief!

I just did a bad thing to my Mom. I called her and said I had good news and bad news, which did she want first.....

She said, "Am I going to cry?" I said, "Maybe".

She said, "OK, give me the good news", so I told her about the Remicade dose being donated at no cost. She was thrilled, of course. Then I told her the bad news.

The bad news is that I have not got hardly ANYTHING accomplished today!

She hollered at me.

I laughed.

Then I hung up.



That was a good sigh. A sigh of relief.

Why, Lord, do I worry and fret when I KNOW You're in control? My stupid thick skull gets in the way so often. Somebody needs to give me a good kick in the hiney!

Anyways, gotta get back to the supper duty..... just wanted to share the good news with everyone.

God Bless!

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S said...

Praise the Lord!!! God is such a great provider! How often does he have to have these treatments? You've probably said already and I'm sorry I am missing/forgetting.
I love that you have been able to maintain your sense of humor throughout everything. Jesus is alive and living right in your heart! Truly! Glory!