Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't Think I'll Be Sleeping Tonight

I don't think I'm gonna get much sleep tonight.

One of our roomies here in the hospital is an elderly gentleman named Ron. Poor ol' Ron is now experiencing what happens when you get too much morphine in your system.

He is confused, fidgety, non-cooperative.....

I returned from the sunroom to find him a complete mess. His kleenex's were on the floor, he had one sock on and one sock off, his sheets were off the bed, he was moving everything around on his table..... this is so unlike him.

He's pretty quiet usually and very coherent. He's actually got quite the sense of humour. Usually it's our OTHER roomie, Don, who gets into trouble by climbing out of bed when he's not supposed to, which sets off an alarm hooked to his bed.

So I went to the nurses station a few minutes ago and told our nurse, "Ummm, I'm not trying to be nosey with the other patients in the room, but I think something is wrong with Ron...." I explained to her what I was witnessing and within a few moments they had the doctor in here. From what I can gather, it's too much morphine. They'd been increasing it over the last few days because of his pain. He's had radiation this week and has felt really yucky.

I've told the nurses I'll keep an eye open, but oh dear, I didn't realize how much attention he's gonna need. I've been over there at his bed no less than seven or eight times in the last 45 minutes.

OH MY GOODNESS............ Whew! THAT was a close one! He just grabbed his little bedside urinal (which is, thank the Lord, empty) and he was just about to take a drink out of it. He raised it up, stopped, looked at it again, then set it back down. Oh my, oh my! I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth!

He won't take the pill they're trying to give him because I believe he thinks they're trying to trick him. Earlier this week, he wouldn't take one of his meds because apparently it bothers his stomach. So I believe he thinks they're trying to get those pills down him. Rather, it's a pill that will either counter-act the morphine or else it will relax him and put him to sleep. Whatever it is, he won't take it.

Oh GREAT! DON is now talking in his sleep! Quiet, Don, one busy man in this room tonight is PLENTY!!!!

Will I get a cheque in the mail from the hospital for all this babysitting? hahahha

I'm kidding. I don't mind helping. I'll just have a nap tomorrow if I need one.

Frank, our roomy who showed up two days ago, has already been sent home today. He was transferred here from the ICU and is well enough to go home. His bed is already occupied and I haven't got the gentleman's name, but he appears to be about my age..... quite young really.... hahahaha. I've chatted with him briefly and explained that Ron is on a little "trip" tonight. He told me that Ron had been chatting with him about fishing earlier this evening. I told him it was really a good room and that none of us are crazy, and that Ron would be fine tomorrow. haha.

So, to change the subject, I noticed I keep getting a visitor to the blog from Cherry Valley, Prince Edward Island. HOW AMAZINGLY COOL IS THAT???? For those of you who know me, "I" was raised in Cherry Valley, Prince Edward County (Ontario).

I just thought that was kinda neat.

I'm sure the Cherry Valley on the Island is as beautiful as Cherry Valley in the County. (TECHNICALLY, we are an island here too.... IF you want to get particular!)

Well, gang, my legs are aching, my back is hurting, my eyes are getting heavy, and Ron is still on-the-go. Please pray for him that he would feel better.

[sigh] He just stripped his bed of it's sheets he's trying to disassemble the bed rails......

...Ohhhhhh Nurrrrrrrse.....

G'night folks.

PS - Blake has had a great day! Oh yah, Fraser, Blake says "thanks" for spilling his yucky medicine. hahaha. Almost 20 and he whines about having to take a silly ol' drink. Tsk-tsk. Nurse Rebecca fixed up another concoction to replace it... and sent it with love...... ahhhhhhhhhh. (Don't worry, she's married. She only sent it with love because she knows how much Blake loves the drink! hahaha)

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