Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/10/24

Once again, I've neglected to post for a couple of days. Sorry.

I've been trying to get caught up on some things here at home.... seems like it's been going along at a snail's pace. I can't seem to find any energy. I remember the day when I'd get a lot accomplished. Now if I can get one or two things done, I'm surprised at myself!

Blake is still hanging out at my parents' house. I am going to visit him this afternoon because I haven't had a good chat with him all week, and I guess he doesn't see it as necessary to call his Momma! I've got some mail to deliver to him anyways. Apparently he is still feeling good. I saw him for a bit on Thursday and thought he looked a bit tired. He was helping my Uncle Roy with raking leaves at my Mom and Dad's house. But I really need to sit down at the table with him and see how he truly is feeling.

Some very kind folks in our community have been arranging a couple of fundraisers for Blake. Tomorrow, Sunday, October 25th, there is a musical afternoon at the North Marysburgh Community Hall in Waupoos. Friends are organizing a bake sale and an afternoon of music with a potluck supper to finish things off. Then on Saturday, October 31st, the congregation of a local church is hosting a Pancake Meal to be held at Fosterholm Farms Sap Shanty.

I can't believe how generous all these people are!!! We are so fortunate and blessed.

I was speaking with a lady from the Toronto area the other night. She has something to do with the Remicade company and she will be contacting me this week with regards to Blake's 2nd dose of Remicade, after she converses with her manager. A tentative appointment has been set for Thursday, October 29th for Blake to receive "the goods", likely in Kingston.

(hahaha.... after typing that sentence, I just recalled that I had a dream last night about Remicade.... but the recipient wasn't Blake, it was our church friend, Kevin S. (hey Kevin, how ARE you feeling these days?)..... and Kevin had an allergic reaction to the Remicade and his face turned the darkest colour of red and I was hollering for the nurses! What a dream. Actually, I really did read a blog last week about a lady that's receiving Remicade and this happens to her the day after she gets her dose. Just so you know, I had REALLY stupid dreams last night.... all night long.... I long for a good night's sleep! I need it desperately. So, Kevin, I'm sure you're fine.......).

OK, I am typing more than I planned to this morning.... the clock is ticking and I have to take Jared to his hockey game this morning, and we have to pick up another player on the way, as his Mom is out of town today.

I promise to post later about how Blake is doing after I've had a chance to check him out (and then get the 'real' story from my Mom, who will give me any details that Blake might just happen to 'leave out'!).

Thank you for those of you who are continuing to bring Blake's health issues before The Throne. Even though we can't see how this is all working for good, we know that the Lord will use it as such, and somehow we will be blessed by going through this trial.

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